SY-1000 Low volume on all presets?

Started by spikey, February 23, 2023, 04:27:07 AM

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I am experiencing low volumes out of my SY-1000 synths. I can hear them but "all" of the User and Regular presets are low.

I did a factory reset and that didn't help.

I can add a compressor or EQ and bring the volumes up, but with all of them being low, is there a global volume setting?

Please advise & Thanks for any info on this.


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"Low volume" - compared to what?
implies you are using SY-1000 with other MFX feeding a common destination (PA, Amp,etc)


More importantly - how are you monitoring the SY-1000?  Is it going into a mixing board or a FFRR speaker system or an amplifier or ????
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The SY-1000 output level is at around instrument level, so will be maybe a little more than a guitar.
If plugging into a mixing desk "line input" you will need to add some gain at the desk input, perhaps an extra 8~12dB.
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Your SY-1000 output level is Correct.

For SY-1000 demos in Japan, they feed SY-1000 output into a Roland JC-120 guitar Amp


With output type set to line/phones, and both main and sub outputs at 100 (of 200), I often need to boost the patch level to my liking. I have the master patch level assigned to a knob so I can quickly adjust it when I'm auditioning patches.


Hey, thanks for the replies all! :)

Yea so both User and factory settings are low coming into the "line inputs on a 2 Mackie 1642 VLZ4 channels (L&R), and then out of that into my UA Quad Apollo. I added a limiter and compressor as inserts into the stereo channels via the console (UA) software which did make it usable, but I was under the impression that if I set the outs at 100 (of 200) that was line level out on the SY-1000. I guess that's not the case then from the replies...


You get -10dBu tops with master volume maxed  at "200".

Less level with master volume at  "100" (mid way up)

And none of the SY-1000  outputs support balanced +4dBu output ( like a Helix

They designed SY-1000  to feed instrument level inputs on a Roland JC-120 stereo guitar  amp


My recent demo with a JC-120 with a GP-10 shows that works, I've yet to try my SY-1K.  I'm going to do that because I seriously think it will even work better than the GP.  The GP is my "grab and go" rig if I need to do something really quick or get invited to gig somewhere since it's so easy to set up and tear down.
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QuoteThey designed SY-1000 to feed instrument level inputs on a Roland JC-120 stereo guitar amp

Thought it was line-out. Makes sense now, thanks!


QuoteYou get -10dBu tops with master volume maxed  at "200".

I believe you but, it's very misleading when one of the System's main & sub output settings has a setting called "Line/Phones".

That's what I had set on the Main and Sub outs. Guess it doesn't mean what it says.

Thanks again for the heads up on this.


On most Roland/ Boss gear

-10dBV = Line Level - it's same as consumer stereo gear signal Levels

-30dBV = Instrument Level

Roland /Boss Gear with XLR Outputs ( VG-99, GT-1000) can be set for either -10dBV or +4dBu.

But review newbie user complaints who say their XLR connections to their PA Mixer inputs clip and distort ( because many PA Mixer XLR inputs expect Mic Level,  then couple with clueless users who engage 48v Phantom power , which often gets routed into a miswired stage D. I. Box and blows the output opamp stage on the connected  Roland/ Boss gear. 

Boss focused on SY-1000 design for the typical guitarist , who often still use a Guitar Amplifier , and eschew using FRFR powered PA cabs - as looking cool on stage with a cool looking guitar Amp remains the dominant market.

Boss Japan has a youtube channel - no English- and latest guitar products are demoed feeding one Roland JC-120 amp, which has stereo -10dBu Line Inputs

Most Pro mixers ( QSC, Yamaha, Behringer X32. XR18, Soundcraft) all have variable input gain trim on All inputs  and work well with -10dBu Line Level on 1/4" TS or Balanced XLR inputs

Older Mackie, Ramsa,  Peavey mixers occasionally only support +4dBu Line Level inputs and no input gain trim control - and many lower cost mixers XLR inputs only support Lower Mic Levels.

If your signal destination requires +4dBu Balanced Line signals - there are third party -10dbV to +4dBu Active DI boxes to solve those situations


The context of "Line/phones" is about tone shaping/EQ of the signal, to apply more of a simulated guitar cabinet response.
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I've had the same issue, running the SY-1000 into a line input on my ZED14. With the gain all the way up, and the output all the way up, I get very low volume. One solution would be the ART CLEANBoxPro 2-channel Balanced / Unbalanced Level Converter.

At my stage in life, I don't want to accumulate more stuff. I always look around for something I have already. In this case I found my sons old Lexicon Alpha. I don't want sterio so plugging the SY into the instrument input on the Alpha, and running the line out to the board will solve my problem. I will power the Alpha with a USB hub Not connected to the computer. This way my software won't be asking me if I want to connect to the Alpha.

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