Another GP-10 to SY-1000 thread...

Started by susbemol, February 22, 2023, 06:04:44 AM

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This one is about moving patches from the GP-10 to the SY-1000 and the best way to achieve this.

I have a large number of complex user programs on the GP-10 that I would like to recreate (and eventually expand) on the SY-1000. Their data is obviously not compatible so I am trying to find ways to do this without having to manually copy settings from one unit to the other which would take a very considerable amount of time and effort.

I understand that @gumtown is looking to eventually implement this functionality into his Flooboard Editor but is there any other way that this can be achieved this now?


The only thing I can think of is to make clever use of the SY-1000's variation functions.

Unless @gumtown finds a way to port those patches over, I'm afraid there's no getting around it.

I kind of wonder if some kind of macro program (like Automator, or Keyboard Maestro?) could help with some of those tasks.


I manually did my programming between my VG-99, GP-10 and SY-1000:

So this patch on the GP-10:

Is basically a port of the following VG-99 patch (which I sadly lost, would have to do-over):

Which got ported to the SY-1000 here:

They are similar but not exactly the same.

I did a similar port of a patch with an overdriven lead sound from the VG-99 too.

Sometimes there's no "automatic" way to do it, you literally have to make note of every parameter in the patch on the device you are porting FROM and then set those settings on the device you are porting TO: which can be time consuming...

Gumtown has made it easier for some devices! 

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I know what you mean and I sort of expected that to be the case. I guess I was just hoping I'd missed a trick somewhere!

The thing is we're not talking just a handful of patches. I have dozens that I have carefully worked on over the years, many of which have lots of assignments and all sorts of stuff going on so it will be a massive job to port it all over.

I was also thinking of maybe moving my GP-10 on after some time with the SY-1000 but it is looking that it will have to stay for the foreseeable future!