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I had many wonderful experiences with music that touched my soul, but this one and the original version by Nitin Shawhny flooded me with emotions in a way I never felt before:

Jeff, thanks a lot for recording this! RIP!


These passings are piling up and getting harder every day. Jeff was near and dear to my heart in many ways. He taught me how to be original, to be yourself and of course I stole a few licks along the way. But I was never able to catch up to him and meet him. I came darn close one time, in my backyard, literally.

A good friend of mine was having a summer BBQ and I was trying to fly back home to make the shin dig, it was going to be a good one. He and his wife always put on a great party and this one was for the July 4th festivities, fireworks, silly string for the kids and more. Unfortunately my flight was delayed and I missed the party. It was really dissapointing, however we had several more that year equally as good.

So one day, my good friend lost her refrigerator and I offered to bring over one to save her food and all. So I was on the way with it in the back of my truck and as I crossed a 4 way stop, the cheap Harbor Freight tie down ratched failed and I dumped it in the road. My friends lived at this corner and saw it happen. So they came over and helped me load it back up and we went back to his place to straighten the door on it out. As we were talking he was telling how great the party was and his wife came out and she was talking about the party just beaming.

Well she began to go off on a jag and tell me how much I would have enjoyed it and how her sister brought a guest that played guitar and was really sweet. She was really captivated by her sisters guest but didn't know about him, nor did her husband. Well She did say he has been a friend of her sister for a few decades and that he was in from Europe and she said he had an English accent. She also goes on to say that he really liked my Strat and played really well. (I gave them a Yamaha CP-70 and we use to jam their alot.) So I'm wondering who liked my really, really old Strat and now I want more details. So she calls her sister and asked more questions and her sister was like, you dont know who that was ? And she honestly didn't. Sure enough it was Jeff Beck. She still did not know the name, nor did her husband really get it yet. Me, I was in shock. They had pics and vids of the party in general, but not of him playing. They just loved him for being such a nice guest and welcomed him with all their heart without a clue. He stayed at her home over the weekend where he played a local show in support of an artist. And I was just floored, how close I actually came to that one. We are both car guys who love hot rods and free wheeling it on the fretboard without regards to who is listening, because we are busy Inside the music. Gone way too soon JB. 
I keep thinking about that Jimmy Vaughn Song about another Guitar player joining the band on the other side. Such a heavy duty song.


I'll throw this one out here because its a full album in support from Jeff and a Movie also. I'll post a clip and following is the entire album. I'll post a few clips also of him supportng Paul Rodgers from Bad Co. Just endless work of greatness, but these are some unsung nuggets that most have never heard. . .

Full Album :

Paul & Jeff ( SPICY ! ) :

Lets throw Jeff in the Studio here with his Signiture Strat, because most people wonder when he used the axe or say, he never jammed with Bon Jovi. So studio fun from the tap, and let me report back the JB Strat is increadible. As long as Jeff is using it. Snap one up if you can, one of the best Fender signitures.

edit : to add last clip and axe info.


Great setlist ..
Power Trio with Guest singers
2014 Brazil

1. Morning Dew
2. Ain´t Supersitiouns
3. Stratus
4. You Never Know
5. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
6. Big Block
7. A Change Is Gonna Come
8. Freeway Jam
9. Rollin' And Tumblin'
10. You Know You Know
11. I Put A Spell On You
12. Little Wing
13. Foxy Lady
14. Manic Depression
15. People Get Ready
16. Blue Wind
17. You Shook Me
18. Going Down
19. A Day In The Life
20. Where Were You
21. Wild Thing

Jeff Beck - Guitars
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Tal Wilkenfeld - Bass and Vocals on You Shook Me
Jimmy Hall - Vocals and Harmonica

Special Guest:

Joss Stone - Vocals on I Put a Spell on You.   


A tribute by Matteo Mancuso.


Super fun Listen with Vinnie, thanks for that ! Not sure how I take the baton and wand the next one ! Just awesome on the edge, hey  buddie, wanna hear a story ? Let me dig, I'll git ya rollin. . .