Submarine Pro Quadraphonic and SubSix Hexaphonic Pickups

Started by user removed, September 08, 2022, 09:05:49 AM

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Submarine Pro Quadraphonic Pickup

SubSix Hexaphonic Pickup (to be released in 2024).


They went to all that trouble and failed to provide an option for hex output?  Words fail me.


QuoteThey went to all that trouble and failed to provide an option for hex output?  Words fail me.

You could always acquire a GK mini breakout cable, or perhaps make one? The submarine pickup doesn't have a GK EQ-Curve anyway, so essential v-guitar separate strings fun is off limits.

I see Submarine Pro (four strings out) is priced at £249.00GBP. A robust GK mini breakout cable is priced at £80.00GBP.

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I like the concept for adding individual string effects.  I don't see how it could ever provide enough string isolation to be used for pitch detection.
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Recently purchased a Submarine Pro (a hexaphonic version is coming later this year). It can be quadraphonic but I use it in stereo mode to do bass/guitar splits and doublings. I use it with Helix Native for its pitch shifting capabilities (using one instance for the E and A strings and another for D, g, b, and e). I also have the Fishman Tripleplay attached for additional sound possibilites.

The pickup has a great sound and can be further shaped with Bluecat's Re-guitar plugin. Additionally, the pickup is very quiet with no hum.

I installed it with the endpin jack shown below. It goes under the pickguard and to the location of the 1/4 inch jack that was not being used. The pickguard is a thin one-ply aftermarket pickguard from WD music which allows for enough clearance between pickup and strings.

Highly recommend!

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TRRS cables used with SubSix pickup:

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£225 for the submarine pickup versus £80 for a robust GK breakout cable....umm difficult choice :)


If it hadn't been for that £225 submarine pickup asking price, I would have left your topic alone. Your right GK3 raw hex does sound harse, although there are other hex pickups/preamps (with 13-pin sockets) and some sound very nice. I suggest submarine pickups drop their asking price to around £140 tops.



It is good to see several alternative hex pickup options on the market - this seems a good option of your objective is separate string outputs with a conventional pickup tone


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In Oz, Recommended retail is now $399 AUD which equals 264.63 USD

...can be found in online stores for $349 AUD ...equalling 231.47 USD on today's exchange rates

Generally free shipping in Oz for items above $200 AUD.

Price in Oz has doubled in the last ten years.
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