Are all the models from the Fender VG Strat also available in the VG-99?

Started by Now_And_Then, January 14, 2022, 06:41:28 PM

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 I'm kinda debating whether to keep my G-5 or not.

I'm not sure if all the models in it are also available on the VG-99 or similar, and that could have an influence on my decision.

Thanks in advance!



If you like the G5 as a playing guitar, maybe mod it to add a 13 pin GK kit.
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Basically, what it does is on pages 6,7 & 8 of this:

...that gives a pretty good spreadsheet to compare with the VG-99's capabilities.

...converting it to 13-pin out (apart from finding a 13-pin jack that fits... ;D) is a bit of work and not exactly for the faint-hearted or soldering-impaired....still, somebody in the World probably does sell an 8PDT switch.. ::)

...has been done, tho'


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The VG-99 is the large hadron collider of guitar processors.   It's so deep and wide you wouldn't believe it.   The G-5 would be good to get usable rock sounds on a gig.  The VG-99 can go so much farther it's absurd. 
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