Godin Multiac ACS Slim Additional Electronics.

Started by Kandinsky, December 06, 2021, 07:07:32 PM

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I'm about to order the Paradis Polybass and Woodi for this guitar but also wondering if I can pick someones brains about adding an additional pickup inside the chamber.

Here's the reason first: I've been playing this guitar for a few years unplugged, due to being bed bound until recently. Most of the time writing songs and developing my playing technique. As a result of playing like this I've became very emphatic on the percussive pops and slaps on the strings and top:- almost like a double bass and I like the sound.The problem is now when I plug in, the piezo gives more of the "tuneful" sound which I also like but would prefer both sounds on different signal paths in order that I can apply different effects to each.

I've read some horrific review on the LR Baggs Lyric Mic which sits under the bridge, however, these scathing reviews are negatively focused on exactly the pops, string noise and slaps that I want, which leads me to believe that the Lyric Mic might be the ideal candidate for the job.

I also see that Godin's latest offering has employed the LR Baggs Lyric with their Hex pickup.(Alas no 13 pin though).

My question is that the Lyric Mic comes with an endpin preamp but I'll be ordering the 2 jack + 13 pin from Matthias at Paradis (it fits the ACS Slim output cavity with 5mm to spare), therefore; Is the LR Baggs preamp redundant and can the existing Godin board can do the job for both the Hex piezo and Lyric Mic?

Will I need an additional preamp inside the guitar for the Mic?

I'll be switching the LR Baggs thumbwheel for a volume pot in one of the holes next to the Godin sliders, well 2 pots actually because I'm putting the Polybass on its own pot.

......And yes, it will be a guitar with 4 outputs: Polybass, Piezo/Mic via a stereo jack and 13 pin to the GR55 but the plan is to use a lot of looping, I live too remotely to play with any other musicians regularly and all the sheep around here are appalling bass players and percussionists!

Any advice appreciated.,,,Thanks!

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Might be best to ask Matthius Grob  - he is a member here


Thanks for the reply, I've been in an email dialogue with Matthias over these past few months and just felt that yet another question would be imposing.

Has anyone in general had any experience in adding a second pickup internally to the Godin Nylon strung Multiacs or a user experience of the LR Baggs Lyric Mic?

I have an electronics 'tinkerer' in place down in Glasgow to do the actual fitting (my dyspraxic hands and soldering irons are incompatible from previous experiences) but I'd like to make sure I'm ordering all of the appropriate components before handing my guitar over to have it modified.

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
Aldous Huxley.


Does someone know if the replacement of the original electronics in a 2016 Godin multiac ACS with a polybass nullify the subsonic filter implemented by Godin to better tracking with Roland devices? Or: is there a subsonic filter on the polybass system?
Thanks a lot.


As far as I know the 2011-2020 RMC Polydrive X board for xtSA/LGX-SA/LGXT has the updated Subfilters.

Never heard status of improved sub filters being implemented on Multiac ACS or other Godin Models RMC Piezo Preamps

Take pics of your electronics and contact RMC ( Richard McClish)

and Paradis Polybase (Matthias Grob)


Thank you very much Elantric, your information is always top-notch.
Have a nice Spring, by the way. :)