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- Don't want to use a PC to control your Boss GT1 ?
- Tired of twiddling knobs and pressing buttons to navigate the menus?
- Wanting to jump between patches fast - no matter how far apart ?
- Don't want to need a PC to load new patches into your GT1?

Manage your Boss GT-1 guitar effects pedal from your phone or tablet with 'GT1 Man' !!

Main features:
- Control your GT-1 from your phone or tablet
- Provides fast access (usually one click) to most GT-1 features & functions
- Change effect settings quickly & easily
- Navigate between different effects with just one or two taps
- Automatically reads all 99 patch names/numbers from the GT-1 and allows fast
access by number or name
- Almost instantaneous switching between GT-1 patches
- Create, save and load tones ('patches')
- Load patches (including TSL format to the GT-1) without a PC
- Fast patch loading
- Change chain order and easily save your favourite arrangements for fast reloading
- Use set lists to easily select song / patch combinations for live performances
- Interface designed for studio / performance use
- Suited to both the hobby/home guitarist and the performing musician

User Guide :

GT1 Man connects to your Boss GT-1 guitar effects pedal via a USB cable. It allows direct control of most of the GT-1's extensive features. Amp models, boost types, effects devices, can all be selected and set from your device (phone or tablet) to create your desired tone.

Tones can be saved on your device as 'patches' for later use, and subsequently re-loaded into the GT-1 with ease. The number of patches that can be saved on your device is limited only by the available storage.

Tone Studio Library (TSL) files can also be loaded to the GT-1.

GT-1 settings can be 'tweaked' and saved 'on the fly' making GT1 Man an ideal tool for the home guitarist, as well as practice sessions, studio work, on-stage performances etc.

Bluetooth devices (eg foot switches) can be used to control the main features.

Set Lists of songs can be loaded which will ensure that the correct patch is loaded for each song as you progress through your performance.

Connection Requirements:
In order to connect your phone or tablet to your GT-1 you will require:
- A Boss GT-1 guitar effects processor
- A USB cable suited to your GT-1 (often sold as USB 'printer' cables)
- An OTG cable adapter
- Your Android device must support OTG / 'Host Mode' (most modern phones do)


Full Android 11 support ('scoped storage')

All GT-1 devices and effects are supported.

All parameters for a given effect are available on one screen. Effect types can be quickly and simply changed from a 'drop down' list

A connection status light ensures that you know your GT-1 is still connected correctly.

All changes made directly on the GT-1 (knobs) are reflected on the GT1 Man screens and vice versa.

You can save the current tone as a named patch on your phone or tablet. Patches can subsequently be re-loaded to your GT-1 simply by tapping on the patch file. The number of patches that can be stored is limited only by the available storage on your Android device.

SetLists of songs, in order of performance, can be created - with each song 'linked' to the associated patch. As each song title in the list is tapped the corresponding patch is loaded into the GT-1. Great for live performances.

User Guide
The user guide is available from the eatonplan web site at :

Related Apps
There are two apps which are designed to work with GT1 Man - KatanaSets for setlist management and KatanaSync for data back-up and restore.

For tips on connecting to your GT-1 see the user guide or the web site forums.

Creating Custom SetLists for GT1Man / GT1000Mate

GT1Man & GT1000Mate automatically create patch lists for you (when you use the 'Grab Patch Names' function). However, you may need custom, performance-order, set lists -  especially if you are giving live performances and you have a large repertoire. This guide explains how you can use these automatically created patch lists to quickly create custom set lists using KatanaSets (there is also a PDF file link at the bottom of the page).


Re: EatonPlan-GT1 MAN (Android) Boss GT-1 , Pocket GT
I just tested Boss Pocket GT using USB-C to micro USB OTG data cable with Samsung Galaxy S10+ Phone and GT-1Man app connects using MIDI over USB and allows remote editing all Boss Pocket GT parameters. And can save backup user data

Pocket GT totally compatible with Android 12 - instant 24 bit stereo A/D and 24 bit stereo DAC. Any audio app- Any YouTube audio - and Center Cancel switch operates on USB Audio - using VModa headphones direct to Pocket GT Output - monitor ALL Android Audio in 24 bit stereo , and can record Pocket GT Output via USB
Using this cable