GK-3 - Electrical Mod for reverse mounting the pickup ( GK, Tripleplay, Antares

Started by Elantric, March 06, 2011, 01:18:40 PM

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Thank you GUMBO for the thoughtful and precise instructions. I just finished the surgery and it works like a charm. I was also able to see that there was some bad soldering of a additional green wire that had come away from its post on the synth/mix/mag switch. No wonder I wasn't getting any sound from the mag pickups. (however the 1/4 inch jack doesn't put out a signal any more either) Well that's a different subject anyway.
Again huge thanks to the community at VG forums!!


Quote from: gumbo on March 13, 2023, 06:41:51 AM...BUT...that will not help in this case.
Changing the order of the pickup signals at the 13-pin jack WON'T get you there, because there is internal (frequency-limiting) filtering of each of the six individual string signals WITHIN the electronics of the GK mainboard itself...you need to 'feed' each string circuit of the GK mainboard with the signal frequency it was designed to accept.

Thanks very much for answering this Gumbo its much appreciated - something I never would have figured out lol and I would have wasted alot of time..

Thanks to all the great info on these forums I managed to follow the instructions and reverse my GK-2a pickup direction with no problems at all.

2 best bits of advice I read - when removing the header from the the PCB - slide a razor blade between the connector and the header to relieve the 2 little nubbins that lock it in.
and then when releasing the individual wires - i used needle/ syringe (one that i use for applying flux when soldering) to gently pry open those little tabs.

was all easier than I expected and made my setup SO much more usable - I can palm mute and dampen the strings again without worrying about that stupid cable poking out :) thanks again everyone


GK-2 uses 8-pin JST PH Series (2.0mm pitch)

GK-3 uses 8-pin JST ZH Series (1.5mm pitch)

GK-5 uses 8 pin  JST "SR (1mm pitch)


Quote from: Elantric on February 12, 2024, 01:19:55 PMGK-2 uses 8-pin JST PH Series (2.0mm pitch)

GK-3 uses 8-pin JST ZH Series (1.5mm pitch)

GK-5 uses 8 pin  JST "SR (1mm pitch)

Thanks Steve..
Yeah...I forgot to add that one to the mix...good that it's all in once place finally !
...although I will say that dismantling the 1.0mm pitch components is not for the faint-hearted or shaky-of-fingers... ;D


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