SY-1000 - Moog Synths Because

Started by Nobulusprime, October 16, 2021, 02:00:03 PM

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Moog Synths from an arrangement of Because by the Beatles

So the SY1000 does all the instruments
* electric harpsichord - my harpsichord patch through an amp and double tracked
* Electric guitar with a rotary effect
* Dynamic Saw Synth for the Moog Brass
* Dynamic Triangle for the synth 'solo'
* Fretless basses in bass mode - that's a bit different from the original

Vocals are by my daughter Lucy (she needs a better mic but has a great voice) and me at the end (I need a better voice but have a good mic!!)


Very nice voice (and sound)


Every time I listen to your achievements I regret not having kept the SY1K when it was in my hands...
Well done. You are a great player and a great programmer. It takes time, passion and attitude.
Your daughter sings beautifully.
Now I have to start the night watch and grab a used SY as it is available! ... Because...8) 
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How did I miss this? - fantastic!  And the vocals!  Lovely!
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It's very nice !
(and I don't even like the Beatles)
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I play Country music too, I'm just not sure which country it's from...

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I think Nobulusprime should put out a record with his daughter. 

Pick 8-10 classics and see how it goes.  Problem is, securing the rights for classics is hard.  Christmas album?
My music projects online at

GK Devices:  Roland VG-99, Boss GP-10, Boss SY-1000.