Dark Fire Firmware Revert Utility 0.5.1 works

Started by Zipidy-fgn, January 16, 2011, 12:26:29 PM

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I'm following the steps of others who documented and wrote down 100% of all the details of how they were successful in performing the Dark Fire Firmware revert procedure:


Quote from:  Elantric on September 27, 2010, 10:44:21 AM
Quotethe now infamous utility to revert the guitar firmware to the Dark Fire clickstream

If this utility actually exists,   Please provide a direct URL download link!

Matbard posted this:



FYI, I updated the RIP, reverted the DF firmware to the old clickstream and to the new one back again a couple of times and disabled the RIP charging options. No issues at all, but remind that these things are not ufficially supported.

So lets break down the whole message by Matbard above as a successful Dark Fire Revert Procedure

Step 1) Update / revert the RIP Firmware to the version from  Nov,10,2009  using this:


Step 2) Update / Revert the Dark Fire firmware to the old Firmware (clickstream) using this:

I understand these steps must be done in the exact order stated above to ensure a successful Dark Fire revert to Firmware 0.5.1

Since all EchoAudio links are now broken,  Id like to locate a copy of the file named "RIPChargeEnable_11-10-09.zip" - so I have all my "ducks in a row"  - before I accidentally "brick" my Dark Fire.

Remember - The RIP can Charge the Dark Fire ONLY - only on later models (Dusk Tiger, Les Paul LTD) this feature MUST BE disabled.

My fear is if I use the latest greatest RIP version - I may still have some lurking code intended for Dusk Tiger Chameleon Editor.

In my own experience with my Dark Fire - Life was acceptable with the April 2009 version Dark Fire firmware - but everything went downhill fast  (added Noise, Pops, HISS) when I tried to use any 2010 era or newer firmware for RIP /DARK FIRE.

I remember the first time you connect any Dark Fire to a RIP with newer / recent firmware - you are automatically presented with a pop up message that says:
"Newer Firmware exists for your Dark Fire"

I wish to avoid that.   
. . . the future ain't what it used to be . . .


I reached out to the guys at Echo who helped me earlier & asked if they could find this utility.  They provided the utility, and I have uploaded it:

This utility simply enables and disables the charging option in the RIP console.  I think this would be helpful if you are using a DT battery with a DF RIP, or if do not want your RIP to accidentally start charging in a live situation.   I have copied screenshots of this simple utility, and of its impact on the RIP Console. 

(I wonder if it could get a DT RIP to charge a DF?)

Just as an FYI for everyone, I have also included screenshots of what it looks like to use the firmware utility to change firmware versions back & forth.  Screenshots are below, & include the actual firmware versions (3.00.02B for DT; 2.1.26 for DF). 

I am now using the DF firmware in my DF & the Echo 5.8 driver on my Win7 machine.  I am able charge my DF via the RIP, and also to enable/disable charging settings via the RIP console, just like I used to.  I have not installed the Chameleon Editor.  I have not (yet) been prompted to update my DF back to DT firmware. 

Playing with the DF is kinda like hanging out & having a good time with an old friend.  (Who owes you money & denies it...   So you have trust issues...) 

Dogmatic attachment to the supposed merits of a particular structure hinders the search for an appropriate structure.
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Quote from:  Elantric on March 20, 2013, 04:41:58 PMIn my own experience with my Dark Fire - Life was acceptable with the April 2009 version Dark Fire firmware - but everything went downhill fast  (added Noise, Pops, HISS) when I tried to use any 2010 era or newer firmware for RIP /DARK FIRE.

The DF was ALWAYS a touch noisier than any other of my guitars, no matter what I did, even in 2009.   Except, oddly, when using GR3, which seemed to be a magical DF cleanser...   

I was able to get it reasonably noise-free, close to my other guitars, today.  This is coming back to me now...   To get the cleanest signal:
  - PLAY mode turns off unnecessary electronics.   After setting your guitar up as desired, push MCK all the way in when it's anywhere but on the peg...  (Helps a little.)
  - I would turn off the piezos whenever I didn't want them. Which was always. (Helps a LOT.)
  - I would turn off EQ whenever I didn't want it.  (Helps a little.)
  - Of the Chameleon tones, METAL was, and is, the cleanest.   
  - MUTE the piezos in the RIP CONSOLE when using hex mode (actually any mode) - (HELPS A LOT).   Just like Elantric's old pic here: https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=32172.msg238298#msg238298

The first 3 bullets above were not possible with DT firmware.  I'm glad to be rid of it, I have much greater control over the cleanliness of my DF sound with DF firmware.  Explicit control over pickups & EQs & internal electronics. 

*** Note I almost always use a hi-gain amp or FX downstream.  Thus the need to quiet the DF down as much as possible.  The DF & Chameleon tones & Piezos & EQ all sound pretty darned good thru a clean amp or with much less gain in the processing.  ***

I can't do a real a/b test to confirm if it is as clean as in 2009, though.  There is no way to reproduce that 100% now.  But it sure feels like it is back to 2009 spec. 
Dogmatic attachment to the supposed merits of a particular structure hinders the search for an appropriate structure.
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Hey Shawnb
Not sure if you ever saw this thread.
I realise you have found it better on the original DF version. As others do too.

Just thought it might be worth a read.

Quote from:  Johnnyurq on March 17, 2013, 07:47:10 AM
I seem to remember it was your good self mentioning Jon Gomm, well if it was here is what he made of his time down under.
He spoke very well of Australia and the folks in particular.
No it wasn't me ... that would have been MCK ... https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=33065.0
But did get to see him live in Sydney ..... JUST WOW WOW WOW
The meet and greet afterwards was great, what a top bloke he was.

Quote from:  shawnb on March 20, 2013, 01:17:53 PM
Speaking of excellent guitarists from down under, I've seen John Butler live a couple of times now. 
Unbelievable trio.  And he definitely does some remarkable things with inventive tones, feedback, loops. 
Yep John has amazing talent, awesome LIVE, you know he started out busking.  (ahrrrr there is hope for us yet)   ;)

Use to see (playing local) in my early days Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, they were called 'The Emmanuel Brothers' then.
All above are amazing talented people   ;D
Q... What kind of advice can you give me ?   Tommy Emmanuel's reply ....

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Sorry guys I was away for a bit and never saw this thread. I do have this file too just in case it is ever needed again.

It is the same as the one Shawnb uploaded.

When I get a chance I will list what I have backed up because I have nearly 4Gb of DF/DT files, documents and PDF's on my old HDD and backed up to various places like DVD's etc. The important files are sorted by the approximate date and version.

Meantime if there is a specific file or document needed let me know and I will check to see if I have it.

My bad Zummooz I thought it was you that had mentioned Jon Gomm.


Quote from:  Elantric on March 20, 2013, 01:42:17 PM
QuoteMy guitar is charging with RIP version 5.8

Where can we get that version?

And does it work with the old Dark Fire Firmware ? (Not interested in  Dusk Tiger firmware)

( easy to get ill and come down with a case of the DT's)

Whats awkward is some versions of RIP firmware include Dark Fire firmware updates and others do not.

and the publicly advertised version control has never been very well documented or tightly enforced with any of these Echo/Tronical/Gibson creations and I'm left with feeling like this

The newest version for the DF I have is SetupEchoFireWire_5.7.exe which is a Windows version, so possibly SetupEchoFireWire_5.8 is for MAC only or maybe for the Dusk Tiger.


5.8 is on the Echo site.  You're right, looks to be Windows-only at this point.  Latest Mac is 5.7.6.   

· Added "Flash" button to the console. Changes made to the console settings are
no longer automatically saved to persistent flash memory in the device. To make
your changes permanent, click the "Flash" button before closing the console.
· Fixed a minor bug with the tray icon pop-up menu.
· Windows 8 support

I really like the explicit save "Flash" enhancement.  Too often I'd have issues offline, only to recall I had been experimenting with the console, and left it in a state that required fixing next time I had it connected to the computer... 
Dogmatic attachment to the supposed merits of a particular structure hinders the search for an appropriate structure.
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10 years later, and I can still run the Echo 5.8 windows driver on my Win10 machine.  It's still on the Echo support site also.

It's a little annoying, as whenever I do a new PC build, I need to devote a slot to a firewire interface.

(Every time I hear the buzzword "futureproof", I have a chuckle...)

As noted above, I did revert back to the Dark Fire firmware back in the day.  I like the greater control over the DT firmware, even at the expense of losing the Chameleon editor. 

Everything still works!  In fact, I plugged my Dark Fire => RIP => GKC-AD => GM-800 and the results are quite good.

It's like the GK-5 in a lot of ways - no vol, no S1, no S2.