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Started by admin, February 15, 2011, 09:17:43 AM

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This week I covered the solo from Wheels, by foo fighters.

Enjoy it  8)


I started making this video as a joke, as it happened to me that a singer asked me to "use more distortion" while we were recording a soul track.
So there it is: I made Layla's riff using different dirty tones.
I used my PRS ce24 as always, and the boss gt1000 core for most tones, altough the fuzz tone is made with "formula b fuzzrangers" pedal, and the overdrive is made with "cornerstone gladio sc".


Forgive my nit picking but I think there are better sound formats we can use to share our performances.


Hi everyone!
This week I covered "My Hero" from Foo Fighters!
As usual, I just used my PRS ce24 and my boss gt1000 core.
Hope you enjoy!