SY-300 - sitar like / drone patch

Started by guitarnoodle, August 26, 2021, 03:35:31 PM

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Ok Im using sysex librarian so. i dont know if this will work.

also, im using a midi foot controller to switch the patches, so this sy300 patch will have control 2 and 3 not used as up and down, but rather as other control switches, and 2 and 3 are active. control 1 is for hold, which applies to osc 2, a filtered pwm [the drone]. osc 1 and osc 3 are input guitar waveforms , each with different filters and high resonant inactive-lfo flangers.

if this doesnt send then i can just describe parameters if it comes to that. there is a delay/reverb later in the chain thats inactive, and could be made active along with the hold [using control 1], for more fullness, maybe.

if it works great! if not im sorry, this is my first attempt w/sysex librarian on the sy300. [lmk if it works.]


Thanks for sharing it, I'm very curious to try it, it's just the kind of sound I'm looking for..
But you have to convert the patch you made into a file format that can be used by Boss Tone Studio for the SY-300: the .Tsl format, the Tone Studio cannot read the sysex file extension
I recommend you to use the Tone studio to save and export in .Tsl format the patch you created on the SY-300.


One and a half years later... sorry I've been very inactive here for a while.  I had no luck getting the tone studio to save then export the file,  otherwise I would have sent it already. 

I'll try again in a bit. The tone studio works but I always have no luck with creating exports in there. I basically just get this loading screen that doesn't change.

I have several other presets I'd love to share if I could just get the darned software to export my sounds.


I could try to get this file exported.  One issue I am finding is that I don't get the tone studio to receive the file from sysex.  How does that happen?


not a very useful way to share files, you could use a system excluse midi program like Bomes SendSx to send the patch data to your SY-300,
 but the sysx file has the patch number it originated from hard coded into the file, and will only load into the (unknown) User patch address the file has within.
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