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Started by Nima, June 27, 2021, 08:27:03 AM

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Hi all,

Am I the only one having major noise issues with the USB connection?  I'm not using it for audio.  Only for the editor and to send patch change info to the SY1000 from my DAW.  The end of my audio signal chain is also in my DAW and the usb connection always introduces noise which goes away the second I disconnect the USB cable from the back of the unit. 

I've tried everything to get rid of the noise and I'm stumped.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 




Thanks guys.  I'd tried a USB isolator a while back, as well as the adaptor that removes the ground.  However, after reading both links, I disconnected the power cable from my MBP and the noise went away.  So at least I've isolated where it's coming from.  Going to try the USB isolator and the hum exterminator in conjunction to see if that'll get rid of the problem.  I'm also running everything into a Furman power conditioner. 

Thanks again for the help.  Have a big solo performance/shoot coming up and would rather focus on performing than humming along to the frequency  ;D


A USB midi adapter to the SY-1000 midi input is also isolated.
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Yeah I actually tried that with a Roland UM-one and it did get rid of the noise.  It's just that with my weird setup, I have the midi out on the first SY going into the midi in of a second SY.  So USB for connection to the first is ideal.


I too am getting a lot of static noise when I connect the usb cable of any of my devices (sy-1000, gm-800, amp modeler) to my computer for using with the editors. So I am want to try one of the usb isolators.

My question is, can I plug all my my usb lines into a hub, then plug that into the isolator, then isolator into computer? Or do I need to have separate isolator for each usb line?