five watt world - Threes types of Fender Deluxe Reverbs

Started by admin, March 20, 2021, 02:25:47 PM

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5 watt world is having a live stream on Youtube, with questions from Chat , but they delete any post that does not conform to their paid sponsors agenda who steer all conversation (psionic audio)


Thats too bad, the channel had a reasonable start. I support anybody having a voice and doing their thing, sometimes its just change the channel.


Bulk of the time id personally divide by 2 any info they provided, as my own experience with topics discussed at 5 watt world would often run contrary to their expressed  final opinion.

At the end of the day its just the Youtube channel creator's opinion , but most channels have a specific agenda to sell the product they are hawking that day - and one  must use personal judgement if they are providing any value


There are ways of doing things though - you declare your sponsor from the outset, and to be fair 5WW is very clear in its main agenda which is 'don't buy more gear, buy lessons from TrueFire instead'.  I enjoy Keith Williams' (I think that's his name) content, the history pieces are usually pretty good.

Ultimately we're to blame for this - the inevitable consequence of wanting our content for free is that we become the product.  Doesn't help that the delivery medium extracts such high rates of economic rent though - if a YouTuber got a more decent return on views, they might not have to behave like a covert advertising hoarding quite so much.
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