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Re: GR-55 "Initial Impressions" by new owners.
« Reply #1075 on: November 27, 2016, 12:26:01 AM »
Wanted to surprise the band at our next rehearsal; i didn't tell them what my "new stomp box" was, I just asked them to start off with Superstition and used this to completely cover the entire brass section,

Rather than going through endless patches and seeing what it sounds like, think about what you want it to do.

We are also doing "empire state of mind" so just took one of the nice built in string sounds and modified so that the ctrl kicks in a dist guitar.

ce-loo forget you, is simple guitar and ctrl switches to a (light) choral sound and rotary organ sound (with bass strings muted)

basically saved our band from having to get another keys guy and horn section!

I don't even use my (prs 24 se) guitar sound at all; I just use the modelled sound

clue's in the name, I don't need studio quality.

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Re: GR-55 "Initial Impressions" by new owners.
« Reply #1076 on: March 01, 2017, 01:48:35 AM »
Ok, I am a new owner (02/27/2017), and here is my story and review.

When I was a teenager, probably around 18 or so, I saved up and bought a GR-300. I fell in love with it. Eventually though, I sold it in order to buy my wife's wedding ring. *awe* Well, a few years into our marriage, I got another one from a hock shop. I eventually had to sell that one too, as we hit upon hard times. I gave up as they were getting rarer and I wasn't impressed with newer models.

Well, this year, I had enough left over in tax refund money to get something for myself, so I got the GR-55 and a Les Paul Custom Pro. I've had it a few days now, and have gone through just about the whole thing, on top of reading all the setup docs here.

I am pleased with how this unit responds to my playing, when set up correctly. I have some issues with the GR-300 COSM model, and have come to the conclusion that the particular model is just bad, as I have no issues anywhere else. I have a post about this in the non-sticky portion if you have any insight.

For the most part, I use the COSM models over the guitar output. They seem to be a little clearer, without a lot of the low end crackle and artifacts that I get going straight through my GT-100. You can get rid of some of it with LP and HP filters, but not all. With the GR models, I don't have to worry about it because it isn't there.

I am light padder, in that the synth / string pads I choose to back my guitar models with aren't too heavy. Just enough to add atmosphere or ambience.

The stock patches were ok, for the most part, but some were just silly. I know this is because they wanted a variety of things for potential buyers to hear at the store, in many genres, as well as cut over the din of noise usually present in stores. But still, some of them are nice starting points.

I really like the ability to down-tune without messing with the actual pegs and having control assignments is really nice as well. On a few patches, I set the volume pedal to two assigns, the first is set to cutoff frequency from low to high, the other is resonance from high to low. So I can dial in custom sounds as I move the pedal, from a pure saw wave, to an electronic-like squelch. Keyboardists know what I mean.

It would've been nicer if the control unit and pickup were clip-mountable, once the brackets are in place, so removal is as easy as pressing a release, for storage in the guitars proper case. I am going to have to order an Anvil ATA case, custom fitting for a Les Paul with lining cutout for the control unit.

I am not a really heavy looper, so I didn't mess with that at all. I probably never will.

It's also nice to MIDI out to my Jupiter-50 and use sounds I already have on hand.

I'd give this unit a 9.5 out of 10. Well worth the money. My rating would've been a 10 if it hadn't been for my troubles with that one COSM model. Instead, I use the PCM versions and it works out well.

Thanks for reading.  ~Drew

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Re: GR-55 "Initial Impressions" by new owners.
« Reply #1077 on: April 20, 2017, 11:28:43 AM »
I am not sure if new owner would apply or not; but I'll throw caution to the wind and reply anyway.

Had a 55 for about a week. It was my first dip in the guitar synth pool. Too advanced (and at the time, expensive) for me so I returned it. Got a 33 and gigged with it for a few years. Limited sounds and functionality but it did the job quite nicely. Got an SY because of the 1/4" ability. Gigged it for a few years and loved it but was knew the synth tones (well, lack of PCM tones) was a stumbling block for me. I will defend it to this day and it will stay in the rig forever. Got a GP10. LOVED the modeling and the synth tones were good. Ainsoph's instrument tones were absolutely essential. I found a deal on a 55 that I couldn't refuse and here I am.

I've had it for a few weeks. Little bit of time with @gumtown 's editor and I was getting the lay of the land. Quite nicely; I might add. The GR is great as an all in one solution. As was the GP. Difference being the PCM tones on the GR are a better fit for what I need. I think having experience with using (all sorts) of modelers as well as other synth units made for a better second-time-around transition and experience.  Amp tones are much better than I expected given it's age. I have no reservations about using it as an all in one solution. Looking forward to my first gig in May with!

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Re: GR-55 "Initial Impressions" by new owners.
« Reply #1078 on: August 11, 2017, 03:18:16 AM »
I've had a GR300, GR700, GR1, GR33 and now at last the GR55. I have to say this has been the best so far, I love the guitar Modelling as well.
I play in a Classic Rock band (we're all in late 50's) and don't have a keyboard player, so for 70's and 80's rock keyboard sounds you couldn't beat it, lush pads, synth brass, killer organ sounds, as regards latency, I don't think anyone in the band notices, the audience certainly doesn't, but the overall sound is good, we like to try and sound like the originals.
My biggest problem , like others is trying to use the guitar out to my Blackstar amp, the noise and interference makes it unusable so I'm running two cables, I wonder would some sort of ground lift help.
Overall, I love my Roland's, always have always will and find them usable for what I do....I'm not a million notes per second shredder and choose my sounds to work within my be honest anything we play doesn't involve really fast note don't be put off by nay Sayers, decide what you want it to do, try it in the context and if it works....go for it.

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Re: GR-55 "Initial Impressions" by new owners.
« Reply #1079 on: October 20, 2017, 07:08:43 PM »
Hi there, all you V-guys'n'girls, here is my story:

First contact with the 'digital' world was a zoom9001 in 1992. I bought it together with a Marshall Valvestate amp and a Gibson Les Paul Studio in winered with gold hardware. I was amazed by the delays and modulation opportunities I suddenly had. Then sometime I changed to a Korg AX1G wich sounded brilliant over the effect-return of the Valvestate. Then I tried some other multieffects and ended up with a Pedalboard and a Fender Superchamp XD with Jensen Speaker. Someday, a musical friend who played a Roland GR-20 with a Bass Guitar made me want it. Finally I swopped it against a Korg E-500 Keyboard, wich I bought earlier, just to have a "better" keyboard. So I got into guitarsynths. For a (for me) long time, about 4 years, I dreamt of the GR-55, and last week, I got a hit on ebay, the Unit without everything, only with the power supply. I bought it for 353,01 Euro, what is funny, cause the second highest bid was 353,00 Euro... That guy must have been pissed off... three day later, last monday, it came. The first day I played around, just checking, what is what, the second day also, on the third day, i got me an usb-cable and played around with the floorboard-software for two days, and today was my first rehearsal with my Latin Pop Band and anyone, me included, was blown away about the possibilities of the GR-55.
Oh, I forgot... I mounted the GK3 pickup on the 25-year-old Gibson Les Paul Studio :)
There is something to do, till the GR-55 fits perfectly into my bandperformance, putting patches together and leveling the volumes of the patches, but I shurely will not need to take an acoustic guitar and acoustic amp to rehearsals or gigs anymore.
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