Guitar from Cyberpunk 2077: *exists* | Me: *guitar geek glee*

Started by mooncaine, January 23, 2021, 10:11:47 AM

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This grungy cyberpunk guitar is said to be real, as in, playable. I like the way they canted the Steinberger-esque tuner assembly, but not the cover over the bridge saddles.

Wonder if the guitar actually works well with the tuners angled like that?

Some great pictures near the bottom of that article.

I think the guitar needs a little more cyber: a GK internal and an embedded Livid Guitar Wing would do nicely. Also, axe that peghead. It's pointless.

DeLuze Orphean" is the guitar of Johnny Silverhand, the legendary guitarist of the band "Samurai" in arguably the most anticipated video game of all time - Cyberpunk 2077.

"DeLuze Orphean" is the guitar of Johnny Silverhand, the legendary guitarist of the band "Samurai" in arguably the most anticipated video game of all time - CYBERPUNK 2077.   

We undertook the production of this guitar for the Polish publisher and producer of video games, CD PROJEKT RED studio. As everyone knows, the atmosphere in Cyberpunk 2077 is an unbridled vision of the futuristic state of affairs, both figuratively and literally. This vision must have left its mark on Johnny Silverhand's guitar design. Simply put, undertaking the implementation of this extraordinary, crazy idea, which thanks to Michał was technically adapted so that the instrument could be fully usable. It was quite a challenge and we admit that when we first saw the project, we had a momentary mindfuck. 🙂 So, as a team for special tasks, we could not deny ourselves this pleasure and agreed to participate in the project.

A great challenge was to refine the design in terms of technical and functional. It was important for us that the individual elements of the guitar accessories fit into the cyberpunk style, while ensuring high quality and efficient operation of the guitar. First of all, this guitar has no keys on the headstock, which forced the use of a Steinberger-style string assembly system in the construction. Moreover, the way the strings are arranged at an angle from the hook to the bridge, while maintaining the proportion of the size and shape of the body, makes it a bit tight (as in this sentence 🙂). The pickups also required a custom approach and this is where Darek Pietrzykowski from Hathor pickups rides on a white horse. It was a bull's eye, thanks Darek!

Johnny's guitar was to be finished in a hard relic style. The choice was obvious - nitrocellulose varnish with a thin polyurethane primer is perfect for such treatments (the varnish coatings were made by Dawid from SCN Wood Painting) - but taking into account that the time pressure was exorbitant, and such a varnish dries a little longer than polyurethane, then we risked a bit. It paid off! 🙂

We made a few non-standard and unavailable on the market accessories ourselves. At the guitar production stage, it gave us a lot of satisfaction and fun. We would like to thank Neo Reklamy for laser cutting the logo and emblem on the neck plate.

First of all, the guitar is part of the promotion of Cyberpunk 2077 around the world, being a fully functional and unique instrument. So far, it has been present at various computer games fairs in several countries, including E3 in Los Angeles. Are you curious about the future of the cyberpunk guitar? We too 🙂 follow our profile on FB and website, we will keep you informed. Below we present a handful of technical information and a few close-ups of the guitar to get you started. 🙂 Enjoy!

Specification :

Body: Alder

Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Ebony

Markers: Aluminum bombs

22 2.3mm Nickiel Silver frets

ABM Roller Nut saddle

Bridge: Goldo HW16C + Custom Cover

String Tables and Stops: Guyker


2x Hathor Custom Singlecoils Ala P90

Humbucker Hathor Juicer


Nitro hard relic

Visual design: Lea Leonowicz


That Cyberpunk 2077 guitar is sick!! Totally agree with you about the tuner assembly, that angled design really gives off some cyberpunk vibes. If I wanted to add even more cyber to it, I'd totally go for an embedded Livid Guitar Wing and maybe a GK internal. And you're right, that peghead does seem kinda pointless. That's probably one of the best music instruments I've seen. Anyways, thanks for sharing this awesome find, and by the way, I'm pretty new here on the forum.


I totally get your excitement over the Cyberpunk 2077 guitar – it's like a dream come true for guitar geeks! The gritty, futuristic aesthetic is spot on, and I'm intrigued by the unconventional tuner assembly. It's definitely a unique design choice, but I'm curious about its practicality too. I wonder if angling the tuners like that affects the guitar's tuning stability or ease of use.
Thanks for sharing the article – those pictures near the bottom are seriously cool! If you're into guitar modding and innovative tech, you'll find plenty more to geek out over at! Keep rocking!

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