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Advanced Search
« on: January 25, 2011, 02:43:06 PM »

Click link below to view Advanced Search  in action

For  navigation , search, and using quotes in posts  - I advise use these settings on your  forum Profile page

Anytime you want to Search for anything here at vguitarforums, be sure to

1) Click to the Forum Home page:(Click "Home" tab on upper left )

2) Then locate the empty "Search Box" just to the left of the "Search" button on the upper right

3) Enter your search terms in that empty box.

4)  Then click the "Search" Button.

or use

5)Advanced Search -  click the Magnifying Glass  icon to the left of the empty search box,

 you will get the "Advanced Search" Screen here:;advanced

If you omit or skip any of the above steps, the search tool here is buggy and rather useless!

However, If you following the steps above, you will have better results

More Forum search strategies are here:
Now that we are over 7,000 members, and we have a fair amount of exposure, the restrictions on Guest Viewing the posts on the forum means total newbies must sign up to read and learn important concepts.

Id rather they take the time to read everything they need to know FIRST  - AND USE SEARCH before Joining and posting the same  question that has been answered before - dozens of times already.

Another tidbit of advice, Since this is our 7th year of VGuitarForums, several of our topics may be best found using Google  - instead of the crippled SMF search tool. The SMF Search engine here sucks - I have no control.

Use your search tool of choice (You do use a search engine right?)  Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc - search anything GR-55 or VG-99 related and the URL link to the VGuitarforums answer is right on the page 1 

For example, using Google to search for "GR-55 Guitar to MIDI" results in several hits that include the appropriate post here at VGuitarForums.

For better results search on  "VGuitarForums : {insert topic of interest here}"

Like this     vguitarforums:jamorigin

Click link below to view Advanced Search  in action

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Re: Advanced Search
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The search box in the top right of your screen is OK, when you understand how it works.   The most important lesson is that THE SEARCH BOX AT THE TOP RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN IS CONTEXT SPECIFIC.  Specifically:
   - If you are viewing a thread, it only searches that thread.
   - If you are viewing a board, it searches all threads in that board.
   - If you are out at the main menu, it will search the whole forum.

The "Search" button in the menu bar searches the whole forum & is more configurable, as shown above. 

Searches are caps inspecific, which is good, e.g., "FUR" = "fur". 

No such thing as aliases, so you gotta look for the exact term, e.g., it will never know to look for 'cord' when you search for 'cable'.   
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