SY-300 - patches with no synt effects

Started by glorusso, November 12, 2020, 06:13:09 AM

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Dear all
just checking if there is around some patches to use SY-300 as basic pedal board,
containing some clean sounds, crunchy, leads, etc..
I know this is a sub-usage of the wonderful capabilities of SY-300, but i'm just looking
for a quick way to use SY-300 as a multi-effect unit.
Much appreciated..

Brent Flash


I'm looking for some too. Sometimes too much trouble to lug a whole pedalboard around.


i've come to love the FX on the Sy-300. So I modded an existing patch that was too gainy & simply out of control to a heavy black-sabbath style rhythm tone that shoulda remind you of N.I.B. - CTL1 adds a slight feedback rumble in the low mids; additionally i made a clean rhythm guitar patch that is has rather little top end, good for strumming chords in the backseat of a live mix. a sinewave provides a hint of a pad sound, which can be dialed back via CTL1.