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Started by admin, October 16, 2020, 03:59:53 PM

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BenoA wrote>

Got my GP-100 and spent some time with it last evening.

I was not expecting that much for so low. It's cheaper than many single pedals out there.

There are so many features that I have yet to explore everything it does, but here are some of the highlights:

It's made of metal. I have yet to put it on the floor as I only ran it from my desk.

Easy setup and update. I run a+16k group members and trust me, Boss missed it with the update of the Katana amps. The GP-100 has a way simpler process. Very easy.

Drivers install went well on Windows 10 and the GP-100 can be your audio interface. It's stereo too.

Software interface is OK. It doesn't have the nice look of the one for the Mooer but it does the job and easy to play with.

IR loading for that price! Fun! Did some tests with a few IRs I had and it worked as expected. You can even only use that feature if you wish by settings all the blocks to off. Tried it with a few pedals and worked great as a basic cab sim.

Sounds quite decent with headphones (I only played it that way). The internal IRs are not bad and anyway, as said above, load yours if you prefer.

Some presets are quite good, a bit wet to my taste but they show you the possibilities. The bass simulator ones are fun and will eventually use them to record stuff.

There is a looper, I have yet to try it.

Drum machine is a bit cheesy and but some beats are useable for practice/jamming.

I mostly tried high gain and medium gain kind of sound and could get something I like with not too much tweaking.

Have not tried much FX but the phaser is too intrusive to fit my taste. I'll stick to my MXR Script when in need.

Limited to one FX block. At least you can move it anywhere in the chain. 2 blocks would have been cool.

EQ display in the control software is with knobs for frequencies, I would have preferred sliders.

As @Elantric said above, it's pretty small and fits perfectly in my LP gigbag. Makes a fun and easy to lug around device.

I bet I will find many more things I hate and others I like but that is what comes to my mind from an evening of playing with it.

We do live in awesome times to be musicians. I wish I could have got so much for that price when I started.

Video to come too.

A great weekend to all.
JB aka BenoA


Hi, ordered mine & it came a week ago. I was so amazed & happy after listening to the sounds of it out of the box, played around with it & had a few tweaks to my taste, few days later i decided to upgrade to the latest firmware 1.5 (it was 1.3 when i got it). & To my surprise all presets sounds a bit different & sounds more wet & too bright for me, so frustrating to be honest. Anyone have the same experience?


Its a bright pedal = To be honest I barely touch the GP-100  - MUCH prefer the superior NUX MG-300


I've ordered one @ reduced price a while back, just because of its IR loader...

... and I've finally used it on stage a few weeks ago in front of a wide audience, as a modulation / delay / noise gate / volume pedal unit, after a couple of pedals giving me the distortion that I needed.  ;D

The GP100 was plugged in my VOX AC, next to my GP10 feeding another amp for a stereo signal and some other FX's.

Reasons of this choice : the small footprint and light weight of the GP100, the versatility of its stomp box mode and its "good enough" mod / DL FX's. The other guitarist, who uses a standard Boss pedalboard, was impressed by the doubling effect, for instance - and by the absence of any buzz, hum or perceptible alteration of my analog signal, although the GP100 was after a home made Fryer treble booster clone feeding a tube dist in this case...

Furthermore, if the Vox had failed, I could have plugged the GP100 direct to the board, since I've loaded it with an IR reproducing the response of my Vox miked by a SM57. It's not quite an amp modeler when set like this but it still sounds more than good.

Of course, this cheapo lil' GP100 is not perfect: its amp or distortion pedal models by themselves are often annoyingly hissy, the quality of its other FX's is rather "uneven" to my ears (or according to my frequency analyzers) and its onboard looper can be triggered on accidentally, which is quite embarrassing (as is the muting tuner, that I tend to enable when I just want to trigger the FX's assigned to the two footswitches).

But it gives more than I expected, with the same kind of flexibility in assign modes that I appreciate in my Boss GP/GT multieffects... plus a sound quality fulfilling my own humble needs when it comes to FX's like compression, acoustic guitar sims, mods, DL, RV and IR's.

FWIW. :-)