SY-1000 - Baritone 12 String

Started by jwhitcomb3, October 11, 2020, 04:00:00 PM

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This is a versatile preset. Out of the chute this is a 12-string baritone guitar, where instruments 1 and 2 are baritone Rickenbackers,with instrument 3 an acoustic GB45 tuned an octave up (except for the high string which is in unison).

EXP1 controls the level of instrument 3, and when the toe is down delay 2 comes on to put a very short delay on instrument 1.

CTRL1 toggles FX1
CTRL2 switches FX1 between a slicer and a tremolo.

CTRL5 switches the DIV to toggle FX2 (vibrato)
CTRL6 toggles Instruments 1 and 2 on and off, and also toggles Delay 1 (a very short delay on Instr 3)

GK buttons 1 and 2 select pickups on the Ricks.

In manual mode:

NUM1 toggles amp solo on instruments 1-3 and normal
NUM2 toggles between baritone tuning and standard 12 string tuning (instruments 1 and 2 in normal tuning, instrument 3 in Nashville tuning), and also turns on the normal guitar to give you a hybrid electric/acoustic 12 string.
NUM3 toggles master delay
NUM4 is master delay tap tempo

The GK volume controls instruments 1-3, and you can use the GK switch to switch between instruments 1-3, normal, or everything on.

The (rather sloppy) demo using my buzzy Strat gives a taste of what this preset does.


Sounds really good, and as you say, versatile! Well done.


Thanks for this. Something I've been missing for years.