SY-1000- Fixing a Harpsichord

Started by Nobulusprime, September 27, 2020, 12:37:13 PM

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Here's an attempt at a harpsichord...
Basically 2 x Dynamic Synth and a 12string all second strings tuned to unison with a wide pan across the strings

I had a crack at the intro to 'Fixing a Hole' by the Beatles - ah well... difficult on the guitar (for me anyway!)

The bass is done on the SY1000 (Jazz Bass in guitar mode) and the Cello (patch to follow) that covers the melody is also the SY1000
The drums are played in Via the midi on the SY1000

I also did the tape delayed single note Get Carter theme which sound very authentic (I think!)



Redid fixing a hole as the keys were out and the melody was crafty!


Loved Fixing A Hole. Started singing straight away.

Good stuff.


How did I miss this one?    Insane!
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