Wah trick not working with SY1000

Started by kaiserhe, August 29, 2020, 05:02:29 AM

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I'm not holding my breath but at least I found a workaround!



Two things Id like to set up...

1. When at Heel down, the (Mission controller) Wah pedal turns off after 10 ms or so.

2. I have an FS-7 hooked up to Expression pedal 2. I have it currently turning off and on FX-1 (wah pedal), but I have to hit A (or B) twice on the FS-7 to turn on or off FX-1. Why? Why am I having to press it twice?


The FS-7 issue is due to having the FS-7 set to "Toggle" and the SY-1000 assign function also set to "Toggle"
which is why your switch action requires a "double toggle" to operate.

Assigns can be setup so the WAH effect engages when the EXP pedal moves past a position of about "2" in the Range Min/Max settings,
set Action Range Min to 2 and Max to 3. And the Source mode to "moment".
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Thanks, Gum for the info!

When you talk about Assigns can be set up for Wah engage, can you please be a bit more specific?

What parameters are we talking about? Under Target Parameter, I tried type, pedal position, pedal min and max, effect level (thought for sure that would do it), and direct level. None of them would engage with FX-1 (wah) on or off and settings min 2 and Max 3. Im picking the wrong things in the wrong places...

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong here and Thanks for the help.


Assign "FX-1" off/on to the EXP pedal position Min=2 & Max=3
if the Wah used is in FX-1, then you switch FX-1 off/on to engage the Wah.
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Thanks a Lot, gumtown!

I finally got it to work and disengage the Wah at heel down, with your help.

The images above are for reference in case others have issues as I did, showing the patch, Control, and Assign Tabs 1 & 2.

(I used 1 and 2, verses 2 and 3 as it seemed a smoother transition to me.)

I'm using an old Mission w/ spring pedal- TRS cable.

EXP-1 is going to my FS-7.
EXP-2 is going to the Mission Pedal.

Also shown in the pics is my setup for:
CTRL-1 = DS on/off
CTRL-2 = Master Delay on/off
FS-7 CTRL-3 (B) = Wah on/off
FS-7 CTRL-4  (A) = Flanger on/off

FS-7 switch settings = Polarity-1, Latch

Hope this helps-
THANKS Again! :)

Edited: I didn't know until later that the Wah seems to come on now by just moving the Mission pedal, without having to actually turn the Wah on 1st using the FS-7! More testing on this.


Quote from: beatpete on November 27, 2022, 11:14:56 AMThere is no PEDAL FX ON/Off on the Sy-1000

This is selecting the Assign Target, which for WAH on SY-1000 should be FX# ON/OFF, where FX# is the one assigned to WAH.