SY-1000 FxFloorBoard editor for the SY-1000

Started by gumtown, July 17, 2020, 04:15:36 PM

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First, thanks gumtown for the editor. I just bought a SY-1000 and I'm starting to load patches that are posted here to try them out. Three things...

I notices that the "quick load" lists patches from different machines (SY-300, VG, etc). Yet I don't see any from the GP-10. Can I simply uplaod a GP-10 patch like any other (and I understand that it will only be a match in the SY-1000 to a degree) or I need to do something else too? Second, when I open one of the tab, like the tuner, how do I get back to the main view or page? I clicked everywhere and can't figure it out (though it must be obvious). Lastly, when I click on the "SY-1000 Floorboard Help" in the top menu, it actually takes me to the "GR-55 FloorBoard Editor Help." What am I missing? 
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To flip through edit pages, just select any item in the signal chain view and that page will open.

I don't think GP-10 patch conversion has been fully implemented yet.

Have not done a Help file for the SY-1000 yet (my least favorite task) and the GR-55 one might be just a space filler.

Future updates are on the table when the time comes around (working through updates for many other titles currently).

Cheers :-)
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Plus I've found that in my own programming experiments I took the same patch (or as close as I could make it) from the GP-10 to the SY-1000 and even though it sounds similar - it was not exactly the same.  In some ways I think it was better on the SY-1000 technically but on the GP-10 there was a "character" to the sound that was not directly ported to the SY that I kind of miss.
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