Tasty Chips - GR-1 Multitimbral Granular Synth Module

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NAMM 2018: Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer
NAMM 2018: Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer
The Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer is a new product for 2018, and also a new brand for Gear4music! We are proud to introduce you to the latest synthesizer from a company with a growing reputation and following.

The GR-1 is a hardware polyphonic granular synthesizer that has 128 grains per voice; with 16 voices, that makes a total of 2048 grains in parallel. This method of synthesis lets you create textures, drones, soundscapes, pads, and more. The granular technique uses tiny 'particles' of audio samples to create unique blends of sound. It is the same technology behind pitch correction and time-stretching in many pieces of software.

The GR-1 has a gorgeous full colour screen to help supplement your music-making, and it is powered by 32-bit mixing and a HiFi stereo DAC. The GR-1 can be paired with MIDI keyboards, USB sticks, USB interfaces, and even PC keyboards. The CV interface also allows integration with Modular (Eurorack) systems.

If you wish, the GR-1 can even operate in stand-alone mode with no keyboard! This is for the true sound 'tweakers' and offers some exciting possibilities.

Utrecht-based company Tasty Chips made a dent in the industry when it dropped the ST4 Hybrid Synthesizer/Tracker: a 2016 Kickstarter project to sell a "a unique device that combines a powerful hybrid analog/digital synthesizer with a 16-bit style tracker music machine."

As Tasty Chips describe, "The concept was done by stu.atari.org, a Swiss-based musician who possesses a wealth of chip and synthesizer music experience. Additional concept, hard- and software design and engineering done by Tasty Chips Electronics. The machine is basically an ode to classic synthesis and Atari home computers."

Gear4music is now on-board with this growing company, and we are excited to supply the latest powerful GR-1 synth that takes hardware granular synthesis to the next level.

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By Matt Wilkinson
Versatile Granular Synthesizer
The GR-1 Granular Synthesizer is a hardware-based polyphonic synth designed to create a veritable palette of textures and sounds. It comes complete with an intuitive control section as well as MIDI connectivity and a LED display for monitoring your parameters. The massive polyphonic range boasts 128 grain per voice, complete with 16 voices in total. Combining the 16 voices with the 128 grains gives you 2048 grains in total, allowing you to achieve highly unique sounds. It is ideal for creating everything from textures, soundscapes and pads to leads, basses and more. It also boasts 32-bit mixing and a Hi-Fi stereo DAC for optimal audio fidelity and performance.

MIDI Controllable
As well as being great as a compact standalone granular synth, the Tasty Chips Electronics GR-1 also boasts MIDI connectivity. This allows you to use the synthesizer with a range of external devices such as your favourite DAW and MIDI-compatible musical devices. It can be used with a variety of USB/DIN MIDI keyboard, USB sticks/flash drives, audio interface and even your PC keyboard. Additionally, it also features CV connectivity for use with Eurorack modules and full modular systems.

Dual Assignable LFOs, 12dB Filter & Other Controls
At the heart of the GR1 is 2 assignable LFOs with waveforms and direct controls. The waveforms included are: Sine, Random, Saw and Square. It also features a 12dB/octave digital lowpass filter with integrated and MIDI controls. There are also a range of precision faders for changing the ADSR amplitude and Grain window. Rotary encoders are included for configuring parameters, as well as file and sample selection. The configuration menus provide added possibilities for your pots and sliders. All of the integrated faders, knobs and internal controls are controllable via MIDI CC, with full support for program change and pitch bend.

4GB Internal Memory
Designed to be an all-in-one granular synth, the GR-1 also boasts a massive 4GB of internal memory. The internal memory can be used to save and store performances and presets. You can also expand your memory via external USB drives such as flash drives for added flexibility. You can use your USB memory stick to upload sample files in various formats, allowing you to use the samples as a base to create your own unique sounds.

Design & Connectivity
The compact yet robust design makes it ideal for use on desktops and other flat surfaces. The compact design also makes it highly portable, ensuring you can take your synth with you on the move with ease. It boasts a wide range of connectivity including MIDI IN and MIDI Thru with DIN and USB MIDI. Also included is a high-quality headphone amplifier with dedicated volume control for private monitoring. The 800 x 480 pixel, 7-inch TFT true colour display provides all the information you need for the various parameters, controls and settings. The configuration screen allows you to access many more options for your controls for added versatility. It also features dual CV assignable inputs with voltage protection and a single gate output. The robust aluminium casing also provides optimal durability, ensuring a long-life span.

128 grains per voice
16 voice polyphony
Standalone or MIDI controllable
MIDI IN & MIDI THRU connection with DIN and USB MIDI
High quality stereo audio: internally: 32 bit float, DAC: 44.1KHz
High quality headphone amplifier with volume control
800 x 480 pixel, 7" TFT true color display
Firmware updates via USB
Sample file uploads in multiple formats via USB
The GR-1 can handle 32 sample files of 10 MB (about 2 min)
Presets and performances can be saved to
Internal (4GB) or external (USB) memory
2 control voltage assignable inputs 0-5V with voltage protection
1 gate output
12dB/oct digital lowpass filter with direct and MIDI controls
2 assignable LFO's with waveforms (sine, random, saw, square) and direct controls
4 banks of 8 presets all hands-on accessible and overwritable
ADSR amplitude envelope and Grain window envelope with direct controls
Rotary encoder for configuration, file/sample selection. Config menus provide extended possibilities beyond what the pots and sliders offer.
Access to configuration screen providing many more options
32 x 21 x 7 cm aluminum casing.
Full MIDI control: All on-board sliders and knobs, and internal controls are represented as MIDI CC. Full support for program change, pitch bend.
Ability to read and write any USB stick or drive: FAT, ExFat, NTFS (Windows), HFS+ (Mac), Ext4 (Linux).
Much more to be added by firmware updates: fully exposed mod matrix, another mode of granular synthesis (very small sample loops), MIDI clock sync, LFO cross mod, sampling via USB, extra FX types, and sub-sine (tuning )oscillator.



I'm really looking into one of these. No one in the U.S has one in stock :( I have thousands of samples I'd love to use in this. I hear perfect circuit may get some in stock by middle of month though. However I keep feeling like it's a expensive thing that an ipad and spacecraft granular or other granular vst's / apps can do....


Finally got my hands on one of these, just came yesterday. So weird, and beautiful. Loving it.


Look forward to hear what you do with it.

But for me though $1100, Ay caramba.


Quote from: BROCKSTAR on January 16, 2021, 04:08:03 AMFinally got my hands on one of these, just came yesterday. So weird, and beautiful. Loving it.

Still using the tastychips gr-1 granular synthesizer?