Native Instruments Kontakt and V-Guitar System: Anyone Interested?

Started by mark belbin, March 05, 2020, 11:31:02 AM

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mark belbin

Hi Everyone. First post here. I introduced myself in this thread

I've been using KSP (Kontakt script processor) for about a year and a half to give my Boss GP-10 and included GK-3 pickup some more advanced functionality that it has out of the box. Was wondering if anyone here is a MIDI guitarist and has any interest in such a tool.

I assume most people in this niche are familiar with Kontakt; for those not, it's the leading software sampler. here's what it is in detail

Current features include:

-"Banks" (actually songs, since it's geared to step on a program change pedal that will advance to a patch representing what's needed on the next part of the song at hand) of up to 10 patches per bank.

-"Presets" of up 36 simultaneous instruments (up to 6 per string), all with independent mute/Unmute transpose, sustain, modwheel, expression, pitchbend, keyswitches, KS related cc's, etc, etc. All controller data can be assigned to any of up to 8 incoming cc's per-instrument for comprehensive real-time foot control of expression within a patch.

That was a mouthful.

-Importantly, velocity transformation on a per-instrument basis, since MIDI guitar is SO much harder to wrangle, dynamically speaking, than a keyboard. Also pedal-able.

-Stop/Rank control for organ/accordion-like Instruments. SO MUCH FUN.

-Feedback system that sends MIDI CC data back to the the Roland/boss unit for making guitar/GK modeled guitar sounds specific to one's current sample set. E.g., "want twelve string rickenbacker tone throuh a univibe along with that timpani? Hold my beer."

-A dummy monitor instrument that displays bank and patch names in large, high-contrast lettering, and potentially other info about current bank/preset, for real-time, live performance.

I've also made an instrument template so that any (unlocked) Kontakt instrument can be fairly easily converted to a format that integrates consistently and fully with the master control system. Which includes:

True legato (converted my VSL Opus 1, and everything else I could put my hands on).
Intelligent harmony
Multi FX

This would be hard to do as a commercial product for a variety of reasons, so I think what I would do is put it on github as an excuse to learn about that platform.

Will post this on the V-Guitar forum as well, of course.

Anyone interested in using and/or contributing?