VG-88 V2 Firmware Upgrade - FREE OF CHARGE !!!

Started by Cristofe, October 04, 2010, 05:27:48 PM

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The typical course of action for Roland VG-88 owners in USA is have Roland US in Los Angeles perform the VG-88 "V2' update 

Call Roland US and arrange 2 way shipping

Roland Corporation U.S.
5100 S. Eastern Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90040-2938
Customer Service Tel: (323) 890-3700

Remember the local Roland /Boss "carry in service centers" are independently owned operators, and will charge you for their services 


Just FYI, they still honor it. Just had it done. Shipped from CT to CA for upgrade. Paid for shipping.


Roland i think are done updating the vg 88 , is firmware midi files available anywhere???, or can anyone send these to me ? i have the dummy plug, just need files.


90% bricked their VG-88 attempting the update - mostly due to NOT  changing default SMF Player settings. Must install each individual SMF file one at a time and allow the checksum message after each is loaded to occur. I recall there are over a dozen unique SMF files which must be loaded one at a time, in correct order sequence , and not allow SMF Player to auto load all 12 auto consecutively - which prevents the individual Checksum and corrupts the VG-88 memory

Roland USA exhausted supply of new VG-88 main boards- as they don't touch SMT ICs for board level repair