SY-1000 - Aure's First SY-1000 patch set

Started by aure, January 15, 2020, 10:41:05 PM

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thank you, looking forward to trying these!!


Sorry for so many questions.  New to the Sy1000 groups i use the pedal primarily for bass .  I'm trying to setup drop D and 1/2 up etc... not needed on the same patch . Using the Boss editor no luck enabling ALT tune to do this is there written ? The editor doesn't allow me to tweak the Alt tuning? Are there instructions on how to enable and how  to assign to Ctrl 1 or 2 ? I'm not sure you can load guitar patches on bass mode or can you to tweak ?


Determine how Alt Tuned SY-1000 Re constructed - review an existing SY-1000 ALT Tuned patch


Also, are you playing a guitar and are trying to get bass notes (such as on low E and A strings)?   Or are you using a bass guitar?   What pickup are you using?
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Hi Aure,
many thanks for your great work. As "newbie" to the SY-1000 I am totally amazed about it's capabilities. I own a Godin LGXT and a GR33 since some decades. The Godin is great while the GR33 collect dust since. The SY-1000 is a totally different thing. Have a lot of fun with it.
Greez Tom


Thanks again to Aure for posting his alternate tunings. One of my favorite guitarists, Tim Lerch, has posted his take on "inverted tuning" which gives us piano clusters, that doesn't change the physical characteristics of the guitar, as the originators of the tuning developed. We 13 pin players can use this tuning in spades with all of the abilities of the SY1000. Love it!!!