CUVAVE - CUBE SUGAR - 5 Analog +FX Loop+2 Digital FX+ 9 bank Looper

Started by admin, April 19, 2019, 03:31:32 PM

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Owners Manual

Technical Specifications

5 analog effects: Boost, Overdrive, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser. 2 digital effects: Delay, Reverb.

72 IR cabinet simulation, wide range of sound, support 3rd party IR importing.

Looper with 9 loop phrases, 10 minutes per loop, supporting loops import/export at both Windows/Mac OS.
Built in high precision guitar tuner.

Headphone output with speaker simulation.

FX LOOP function for connecting to external pedals.

Support Live/Preset working modes.

4 editable presets available for Preset mode.

USB Interface - Supports AUDIO for recording , Support PC Software for importing 3rd party CAB IR wav, Looper Phrases, Firmware updates


only $125 with third party Cab IR loading capabilities

( Will be here for review late October 2019 )


Quick revue
@ $129 on Ebay, I took a gamble and purchased a Cuvave Cube Sugar
Although I do see a slight difference in mine vs  ONLINE PICS

Most CUVAVE - CUBE SUGAR pics show push button switches, while mine has small toggle switches 

But overall its well worth the price, very smooth all analog preamp and distortion.

In the upper right corner is a "Boost" switch  - when engaged this enables a preamp with a Fender voiced Treble / Bass Tone Stack controls

The OverDrive Block adds more crunch , and the Distortion Block adds a higher gain solo boost  -- very subtle difference with switch in the  slightly smoother "Candy" position vs the harder edged "Salt" position
The Phaser / Chorus block is digital and there is a slight delay  / mute gap in the sound when kicking this block on or off - but I was able to get decent leslie type tones with their independant LFOs and LEvel controls

Then Delay /  Reverb block is also digital has many good sounding delays and a better reverb than Katana

The Cab IR Block is very versatile and does allow user to load third party cab IR files over USB  - it has many good cab sims already built in and I found a nice range of usable Cabs  - many reminded my of early Peter Green / Fleetwood mac tones         

That leaves the Looper block which is best to place a spare cap over the Looper switch to avoid stepping on it at live gigs - its the definition of "user hostile control" and never the same twice  - luckily you can dial the Looper volume full counter clockwise and not be hampered by its randomness.

Its supposed to work as a USB Audio interface, and there is an external FX Loop between the analog drive sections and the digital Modulation / delay/reverb / cab IR  / Looper sections.

the Tuner was very accurate too - its a bargain at $129     

Yann Seven


i've got the cube sugar, and the cube baby, i love 'em. the cube baby has some issues with some of the distortions, but the cube sugar is just plain ridiculous. not the best sounding of all effects, but pretty freaking good for the price point!


les paul
donner fuzz seeker
cube sugar
boss sy-1 in the cube sugar loop

its cheesy, but hip at the same time once you get it dialed in


I received my cube sugar today.  I am quite impressed - as a long time user of the SansAmp fly rig V2, I have to say that for a fraction of the cost, this thing is totally worth it.

After doing plenty of reading about this pedal, it seems the primary complaints are:  1. the looper button, which everyone says to cover and ignore; and 2. the lack of a button to turn on/off the boost section.  I plan to remedy this by repurposing the looper button to switch the boost instead. 

Step 1 was the teardown to see what I am up against: the build seems okay - the PCB boards are unusually thin, and there are seemingly a lot of purpose built items on here.  In any case, here are the photos of the teardown.


Looking for the manual or a working link to download one, lost mine unfortunately.