WTB : Roland G303 guitar ? FOUND ONE ! ! !

Started by dedjazzgadgetz, February 01, 2019, 05:21:15 PM

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"I was at the Roland Booth in 1982 when those "Factory Roland 24 pin compatible "  models were on Display  = Gibson, Hamer, Ibanez, Steinberger" quote Admin

I was too. My store in Detroit was the only one selling the Roland Guitar synths.


$190 ?

Oh.            my.           god.

I'll give you $200 for it ?  8)

Yep, that's exactly what I'd need : a beaten up, G303 fixer-upper... for $190 !

Anyone?  8)
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Hey, Chrish !

   Thanks for keeping an eye out... I'm currently watching a fixer-upper Greco GO-700 from Europe, $550US. But, I've finally decided (for all sortsa reasons, money being the main) :

-I'm gonna BUILD a G303 !

   I've "launch commit"-ed & bought the mahogany & maple for the body (I'll most probably buy or order a suitable neck from eBay & have the finishing done by a bona fide luthier)

I've assembled/hotrodded/"frankenstein-ed" guitars hundreds of times before, but actually never built one from scratch...

I'll start a thread documenting the process, titled either :

-"Rebirth of a Roland Legend,  -or-

-"Cheapskate thinks he's actually gonna pull-off building a G303 : -Yeah, RIGHT !?"

Wish me luck !

P. S. : But not quitting searching for a bargain G303 yet.
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$4100 ? Yikes, indeed...

   ...but you know what ?

   LIGHTNING STRUCK TWICE : I found ANOTHER Roland G-303 / GR-300 combo (with original cable, case & all) !

   The 1st one I paid $1200cad (approx. $900usd) a year ago... the 2nd, I picked up from the local kijiji ads for (drum roll) :

   $1000cad (that's about $750usd) !

   The guitar is in even better shape than the 1st one & the GR module is pristine ! It has a full plastic cover (unsure if original but sure kept it spotless ! )

   The only problem (well, minor for me) is the original hex pickup ribbon connector broke, so the previous owner had it replaced with a GK-2 pickup &13-pin box, clipped on the guitar.

   I might just wire the GK-2 hex directly into the G-303 board, adjust gains & call it a day or, transplant some other Roland hex... my nephew, who'll take on Fripp's parts in our Discipline album coverband (he's finishing Jazz Guitar Studies right now), was given a beaten-up, unplayable G-707 year ago ; I might just "steal" the hex from that "dull-grey disco-disaster" ! (really not a fan of that model...)

   So, we'll soon be able to start dissecting & practicing "the Sheltering Sky" & "Discipline" (final track) Roland G-303 guitar duets...

It's gonna be a BLAST !
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   I was right in the middle of building myself a G-303 copy when a 2-month contract popped-up... and then another one just crept in.

   I'll have a 2-week break in-between, so I might jump right back in & try finishing it. That would be our back-up (and maybe even fashioned as Fripp's later black-lacquered, Kahler-fitted G-303)

When I finally have some time-off, I'll upload some pictures of the build...
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Hello there I'm luthierpro0176 I was reading a post about you are interested in purchasing a g 303 roland electric guitar and so happens I have one really great condition however don't have case nor the jnit but can buy unit on ebay 1500 I'm welling my guitar for 1800.00 and recently it was on ebay and someone purchased it and then one of the knobs was loose so got returned to me so before I repost its thought I'd ask u if u were interested ? Please let me know if u would like to purchase my guitar thank you