SY-300 Shimmer-Freeze

Started by Figli, October 26, 2018, 06:55:14 PM

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Shimmer sound (when you press CTL-1 mode is activated Freeze).
If you wish, you can assign any intervals to the oscillators.


Figli, Thanks for sharing.

This patch really swells and seems to sound best (to me) with slow, sparse notes.

Can you post and MP3 example?



Excellent reverb. Now I don't have to spend $400 on the z-DSP halls of Valhalla reverb that I was checking out. ;)


A simple alteration to this patch is to change osc # 2 to a -12 to -24 noise wave and engage the pitch attack paremeter.

From Reading Sean Costello articles (follow link below) on Shimmer Reverb, he describes how noise was often introduced into the signal chain as a result of the process.


Love this patch... thank you !!


Hello...noob here.  How do I download the Shimmer-Freeze .tsl?


Quote from: fireresq1 on June 25, 2021, 04:33:40 PM
Hello...noob here.  How do I download the Shimmer-Freeze .tsl?
Go to the first post in this topic and below the text stuff is a file attachment.
Simply "click on it" and it will download, then move the download to your preferred patch folder.
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Excellent sound!  8)
Thanks for sharing.
Listen to my music at :


Thank you for sharing this awesome sound...!!