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Started by admin, September 27, 2018, 11:47:18 AM

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New Headrush Gig Board $699


I hope its pretty inexpensive so it will sell like mad!

HeadRush's Gigboard is a cheaper, smaller, fully featured Pedalboard
By Will Groves (Total Guitar, Guitarist)

Eleven Rack-powered multi-effects pedal available this month

Headrush has revealed the Gigboard, a cheaper, physically scaled down version of its massively powerful Pedalboard multi-effect unit.

Featuring the same quad-core processing power, and hosting the same Eleven HD Expanded DSP software and touch-screen interface as its bigger, considerably more expensive brother, Gigboard only loses out in terms of inputs and outputs. You'll find a detailed spec covering that below.

Once again, other than the massive range of sounds offered by the highly rated Eleven Rack engine, it's the touchscreen interface that's the obvious star of the show here, allowing deep settings tweakage, as well as drag-and-drop pedalboard building.

You're not limited to the onboard models, which you can of course edit and save as user presets, either, as Gigboard will also load custom and third-party effect and voices.

As with its larger predecessor, the Gigboard will inevitably end up being compared with Line 6's Helix offerings, but there's a clear point of difference between this and the similarly proportioned - and ever-so-slightly cheaper - HX Effects: the Gigboard can do everything the Pedalboard can do, while the HX Effects just handles effects, sans the amp modelling of its full-fat Helix siblings.

Given the HeadRush's top-notch amp sounds, this could be the one for any players seeking a mid-priced, compact floor-based modeller/multi-effects.

Gigboard will be available in October, hitting a store near you for the frankly alluring price of £599 (US price TBC).

• Exclusive custom-designed quad-core DSP system
• Powered by Eleven HD Expanded DSP software
• Compact chassis for mounting on existing pedalboards or desktop studio use
• Realistic and responsive amp, mic and FX modelling
• Gapless pre-set switching with reverb/delay tail spill over7" high-resolution display with intuitive touch interface
• Hands-free edit mode for quick on-the-fly live editing
• Road-ready steel chassis; four footswitches with dedicated colour LEDsRecord and reamp via USB with quality up to 24-bit/96KHz
• Load your own custom impulse response files
• Looper has 20 minutes of record time, with peel feature

Footswitches: 4 Footswitches with Colour LEDs
Knobs: 300° Master Volume Knob, 360° Navigation/Data Encoder
Display: Full-colour LED-backlit Display with Touch Interface, 150 x 93 mm
Connectors: TS Input (Guitar), TRS Input (Exp Pedal), TS Input (Exp Pedal Toe Switch), Stereo Input (Aux Device), TRS Output (Ext Amp Switch), TRS Input (Send), TRS Output (Return), 5-pin MIDI Input, 5-pin MIDI Output/Thru, USB Type-B Port, IEC Power Input
Power: Connection DC Power Adapter Input, 19VDC, 3.42A, Centre-Positive
Dimensions: 329.2 x 225.6 x 67.1 mm
Weight: 3.24 kg



i heard $699- pass for me....i was expecting $500. Again headrush is priced too high!! bummer.


Except I've seen the big board at Guitar Center selling for as much as $200 less with special deals so keep your eyes out if this is of interest.
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It will be at LA Amp show this weekend



Note: Confirmed the Gigboard's FX Loop is Mono only  - the TRS jacks mean its balanced audio  - not stereo

and only one Expression pedal

And all Headrush FX have really basic  /  poor MIDI implementation  - no MIDI CC# assignments - so forget controlling the Gigboards internal effects on/off via a separate MIDI foot controller - the communication links are non existent, and there are no plans for a Win/Mac Editor  / patch librarian  / setlist re-arranger.     

Headrush Pedal Board ( big version) supports two Expression pedals , Stereo FX Loop and both Stereo 1/4" Outputs and  XLR Outputs


There is a product video for the Gig Board on Amazon:


It does look like it has all the processing power of the full Headrush. So it only limited in I/O (only one expression pedal and one S/R loop).

It almost looks like a table processor now like the Boss Gt-001 or the Roland VG-99. It would be great if there was a floor controller with it, that has scribble strips and the option to connect more expression pedals.


Wow, that was an effective video. They hit a lot of the points I wanted to see in such a device. I will want to know more.


Quote from: aliensporebomb on September 28, 2018, 05:52:22 AM
Except I've seen the big board at Guitar Center selling for as much as $200 less with special deals so keep your eyes out if this is of interest.

If I could get the he for like $700 I would get it




Quotei heard $699- pass for me....i was expecting $500. Again headrush is priced too high!! bummer.

$551 with discount code
15 percent off at Musiciansfriend.com
Coupon Code: ROCKON


QuoteGot to play a bit, and I really like it! The AC30 and Matchless, which were my favorites on the 11R, sound every bit as good as I remember. The 4 switches will be perfect for my admittedly simple needs (I never really used more than the channel switching on my amps, with the occasional delay and OD pedal).

I won't have time to compare the tones to my AA6 until Saturday, but first impressions are great. The Gigboard is definitely easier to use overall (though when picking an amp on the AA6, I find the BMT controls more natural/intuitive, having come from amps). It's extremely easy to visualize and create rigs.

I haven't fussed with effects much on the AA6 due to the complexity of programming them. They are powerful and flexible for sure, but take knowledge and time to dial in. In comparison, the Gigboard is much more immediate in gratification. There are lots of choices and they do exactly what you expect. My electric guitar time is limited, so this is a huge win for me.

I'm looking forward to exploring the dual amp/cab capabilities. I haven't yet figured out how to switch between amps, but at first pass the second amp stacks on top which functionally seems to act the same for my channel switching purposes. I intend to try other methods, too; maybe an overdriven amp, volume cut to quickly mimic rolling off my guitar's volume, coupled with a tubescreamer for heading in other direction? It's clear that the Gigboard will provide me with more than one option to achieve what I need it to.

It's early, but I'm definitely impressed! Great job, Headrush!


My question is this>> it appears to be the same guts as the hr full board and same screen and chips and such so if you can get the hr used for similar price as the gigboard or so very close why not get the hr full board?

I have always been impressed with the headrush interface and 20 minute looper but think the effects and amps need more of an update overall. Not bad but still not to where i can part with my $$.

I am personally not excited about the helix HX Stomp thing as its just too $$$ for what it is.Why they didnt release it at 499 or so is odd to me but i guess they didnt want to interfere with the hd500 pricing maybe?(i mean now who would buy a hd500 over the helix stomp or the hr gigboard?)

I am excited to see what fractal releases in the next year to improve on the ax8 unit.I personally prefer fractals mindset/tech and company but their interfaces are crap.The axefx3 is alot better and in a good direction so i hope  a new ax8 WILL HAVE A MUCH IMPROVED GUI-touchscreen will be asking too much i bet.

in 2019 you would think touchscreens have come down in pricing and would be standatd by now. I know the korg touchscreens were way ahead of the roland/yamaha boards in synths years ago and yamaha and roland finally caught up in that regard.


The fanboi line 6 people on the gear page are pathetic.  I think there are alot of shills there in disguise as members ripping on the headrush.

Personally i find the gui of the headrush way more advanced then the helix and the looper on the headrush is very cool. My pause is with the effects and models because they just used older existing models and supposedly revamped them.Kind of a lazy way to do it but also i have to say its a way to save alot of time and r&d likely.

Fractal still seems to me to be the leader sound/effect wise as that company seems to me to be really hardcore into their stuff from the ground up. Line 6 to me has always been like the walmart of modeling acting like its nordstroms in many respects. Dont get me wrong I have a line 6 spider valve mk2 2-12 combo i really think sounds killer.
Anyhow I wonder if helix now abandoned the whole touch screen possibility because if headrush? Line 6 claim that a total revamp of helix is coming soon for the gui.


QuoteThe fanboi line 6 people on The Gear Page are pathetic.  I think there are alot of shills there in disguise as members ripping on the headrush.

Agreed - makes that site extremely biased - and IMHO TGP no longer attracts free thinkers



nice for a desktop! I checked Sweetwater & saw this at the bottom of the page:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Phthalates, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Is this just a standard disclaimer? I've never seen a warning like this on electronic devices.


Quote from: Paresh on October 12, 2018, 10:18:13 AM
saw this at the bottom of the page:

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Phthalates, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Thank God for California, otherwise we would all die. ::)
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Quoteswinginguitar said: ↑
1- does the gig board allow remote midi control via cc for toggling fx?
2- where is the implementation chart for said cc's?

No there is no external MIDI control for the effects on the Gigboard. This was conveyed to me by the Headrush rep stationed @ Sweetwater. Big mistake for a small limited switch unit.
You can make all 4 switched turn FX on/off and use a MIDI pedal to switch presets. I don't know how that will work considering you can have more than 128 presets.


Review all available MIDI commands by searching for "MIDI" in the GigBoard User Manual (page 25 - yes its limited)
https://headrushfx.com/assets/downloads/Gigboard - User Guide - v1.0.pdf

MIDI Settings: These settings determine how the HeadRush Gigboard sends and receives MIDI information to and from external devices. These settings affect only the HeadRush Gigboard's MIDI input or MIDI output.

MIDI Thru: Tap On to use the MIDI output as a MIDI throughput; any MIDI information sent to the HeadRush Gigboard's MIDI input will be sent directly to the MIDI output. Tap Off to use the HeadRush Gigboard's MIDI output normally; the HeadRush Gigboard will be able to send its own MIDI information out of the MIDI output.

Recv MIDI Clock: Tap On to enable the HeadRush Gigboard to receive MIDI clock information. Tap Off to use the HeadRush Gigboard's own internal MIDI clock (which will not be sent out).

Prog Change: Tap Send to enable or disable the HeadRush Gigboard's transmission of MIDI program change messages when you load a rig. Tap Recv to enable or disable the HeadRush Gigboard's reception of MIDI program change messages from an external MIDI device.

MIDI Channel: This setting determines the MIDI channel(s) that the HeadRush Gigboard will send and receive MIDI messages. Tap this field, turn the encoder to select all channels (Omni), or 1–16, and then press the encoder.



Firmware 2.0 now available

Since Firmware Version 1.0.0
• Added 7 new amp models to the Amp category:
o 82 LEAD 800 50W
o 82 LEAD 800 TS MOD
• Added 160 new HeadRush Exclusive Cab IRs (impulse responses) to the IR category, based on the
following cabinets:
o 60S 412
o BIRCH 115
o BIRCH 410
o FAWN 212
o TREAD 412
• Added 3 new FX to the Modulation category:
• Added 2 new FX to the Reverb/Delay category:
• Added AUTO SWELL to the Dynamics category.
• Added the ability to toggle reverb and delay tails per effect within a rig.
• Added the following options to the Global Settings page:
o Added the option to select between 4 rigs using footswitches in Rig Mode.
o Added options to customize the overall color scheme used on the touch screen and LEDs.
• Additional DSP optimization, UI improvements and minor bug fixes