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Started by sixeight, August 13, 2018, 01:11:23 PM

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Here is my quest for the ultimate DIY midi foot controller for the GP-10, GR-55, VG-99, Zoom G3, Zoom Ms70-cdr, AxeFx 2, Line6 Helix and M13 and the Boss Katana. So far I have built three versions of the VController.

Version 1 with 12 buttons and LEDS and a single display:

Link to firmware and features:

Version 2 with 16 buttons and LEDS and 13 displays:

Quick jump to version 2 building process:
Link to firmware and features:

Version 3 of the VCONTROLLER: the production model:
This version is easiest to build as it has dedicated PCB's and an improved hardware and software design.

Video of version 3 features:

Dedicated forum topic of version 3 building instructions (with videos):

Quick jump to version 3 design process:

The VC-mini:
This version is a cheaper and smaller version of the full VController. It has the same functionality as the full VController, only fewer buttons and different connections.

Video of the features of the VC-mini:

Dedicated forum topic of VC-mini building instructions (with videos):

The VC-touch:
This is a version with a colour touch screen, wireless midi and 15 buttons.

Building guide:

Quick jump to version 3 design process:

The most current firmware will run on hardware version 2, 3, the VC-mini and the VC-touch.