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Started by sixeight, June 25, 2016, 05:37:32 AM

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Well, it looks like the pandemic is going to create some downtime.  I'm game since I have both.  I will post a video of how I use it afterward.



New firmware 3.5.0 has been released.

New features:
* Support for the SY-1000 and the G-Major 2
* External pedals (expression and switches) are now hot-pluggable.
* Added the option to show the tempo instead of the device name at the top right of the main display
* Added CURNUM option in Global Menu with option for Previous patch, tap tempo, tuner and direct select.
* Many bug fixes and optimizations

You can find the new firmware here:


Firmware 3.6.1 has been released.

It can be downloaded here:
User manual:

What's new (since 3.5.0)?
* Support for Boss Katana MK2
* Support for NUX MG-300
* Katana delay mod parameters were not properly saved. FIXED
* The Katana global eq can now be edited on the VController/VC-mini whether it is parametric or graphic.
* In all parametric eq's of the Katana hi-level was swapped with hi-cut. FIXED
* In all eq's of the Katana the eq level was showing the wrong parameter values FIXED


Firmware 3.7.0 has been released.

It can be downloaded here:

Make sure you backup all device patches before installing this update!

This update is NERD GALORE. Haha. It really adds a lot of stuff that I like and want to use. I hope it will be useful to some of you guys too.

What is new?
* The EEPROM memory structure has changed. You can now store 150 device patches and the number of commands for programming has been reduced to 1737.
* The device patches are now user not just for Katana patches, but also for SY1000 scenes (guitar or bass mode). Device patches of different types can exist on the VController or VC-mini. The total number is limited to 150.
* Support for the SY-1000 has improved a lot as I now finally have one. Here is what has been changed and added:
  - Fewer "receiving data" messages by optimizing the timing of the MIDI sysex data.
  - All the ctl, num, bank up/down, manual and gk control switches can be controlled from the VController. It works for most of its settings.
  - Ctl switches and expression pedals also control the assigns set in the assign section.
  - You can add 8 scenes to 150 of the patches of the SY-1000. These scenes control multiple parameters and have a name of up to 8 characters. Data for
    the scenes is stored on the VController/VC-mini. Writing / exchanging / inserting and initializing patches on the VController of VC-mini is detected by the
    VController/VC-mini and the patches are written/exchanged/inserted and initialized there as well, so both patch lists are always parallel.
  - Only specific parameters are controlled by the scenes. Scene assigns are assigns controlled by specific CC numbers. There are triggered
    by the scenes to control even more parameters. See the user manual for more details.
  - Added harmony mode. This emulates the harmo modes on the VG-99. It uses guitar-to-midi to calculate the proper intervals. These intervals are written
    real-time to the user harmony of INST1, 2 and/or 3. Each instrument can have a different harmonic tuning.
  - Added "Change to all scenes" to SY1000 menu - to allow updating of changed parameter in all scenes!
  - Added "Add bass assigns" to SY1000 menu to quickly set the bass note priority assigns for INST3.
* US20 mode has been improved. This allows seamless switching when several devices are connected in parallel. The Helix can now also be switched. It will now go to tuner mode to mute it.
* There is now a MIDI CC sequencer for the Helix. These can be controlled with CC #2 - to set the number of beats) and CC #3 - to set the pattern. The CC-messages can be sent from the instant buttons in the command center of the Helix. There are 32 patterns that can be programmed via VC-edit (CC #3 value 1 - 32) and there are 9 fixed patterns:
   - CC #3 value 33: Sine Wave
   - CC #3 value 34: Block wave
   - CC #3 value 35: Triangle wave
   - CC #3 value 36: Sawtooth
   - CC #3 value 37: Single 8th beat
   - CC #3 value 38: Beat 1
   - CC #3 value 39: Beat 2
   - CC #3 value 40: Beat 3
   - CC #3 value 41: Random pattern

See the manual for more details - once it is out. In the meantime, if you need help, drop me a message!


Release of firmware 3.9.0 for the VController.
You can find the firmware here:
The firmware is in the folder firmware/VController v3_compiled and is called VController_v3_9_0.hex.
Check the user manual for firmware upgrade instructions.

New user manual is found here:

What is new in 3.9.0:
* Added MIDI forwarding. You can make three "connections" between a source and a destination port to forward MIDI data. Forwarded data includes MIDI note on/off, pitch bend, pc, cc and sysex. The connection can also be bi-directional where data is forwarded in both directions.
* SY-1000: Added per scene option to mute the inputs while the scene is loaded. This will remove any pops or bursts of sound during scene change, but will introduce a minor gap.
* Improved writing speed of patches. Data of empty patches is no longer sent. Also fixed a bug in writing patch data to EEPROM
* Improved tap tempo. LED timing is better and max bpm (250) is now easier to tap.
* Midi in and out port now can be different for devices.
* Port names and types are made device specific.
* MG-300: Added support for firmware 3.10.13 with the new STAGEMAN amp model.
* VC-edit: made one editor for all three VC versions
* VC-touch and VC-mini: fixed patch selection on G3 and MS70CDR via USB host port not working.
* SY-1000: fewer pops in scene change by always first turning parameters off or down before turning parameters on or up.
* Added automatic tempo following. The tempo is extracted from the Guitar2midi MIDI note information. Check the manual for details.
* Katana MK2: GEQ data was not stored and recalled properly. Midi timing has also been tweaked to make sure all data is written to the Katana.
* Katana: added Global Option to select Katana type. Now CH5-6 will be skipped when using Katana 50W (4CH)
* Katana: fixed bug where FX chain would not be updated occasionally when moving from Katana channel patch to VC patch.
* A VC-device (VController, VC-mini or VC-touch) can now be connected to another VC-device. Patch numbers, scene numbers, tempo, tuner status and looper status are synced between the devices. This is still a work in progress.


Release of firmware 3.10.0 for the VController. New features:
* Added menu item firmware/sync patches to pull all patches from another VC device that is connected bi-directionally
* KPA: fixed not connecting to firmware 3.9.0
* KPA: fixed tap tempo and allowed for larger rig names on VC-touch.
* MIDI PC: Added PREV, NEXT and BANK select options for it.
* MIDI PC/CC/NOTE ON/OFF: New port numbering system was not properly implemented, leading to errors. This has been fixed.
* KPA: slots are now controlled via snapscenes. Support for morphing through snapscenes. Also performance names are stored in EEPROM for easy browsing.
* Setlist/song: command structure built for both new commands
* Implemented SONG mode, PAGE mode and DEVICE mode to make it clearer that the VC can be used in three ways.
* Fixed bug in MENU - PROGRAM SWITCHES where PATCH SELECT was not showing the correct number of patches for certain devices (Katana) both on the unit and in VC-edit.
* Added MIDI more command with option to send MIDI start and stop or toggle them.
* Added option to Block device detect messages. Every second the VC device will send some messages to look for external devices. Enabling this option will block these messages. Some external devices that are not supported get confused when these messages appear. Be careful using this option, as automatic device detection no longer works on ports where this is enabled.
* SY-1000: Fixed the normal input not restoring properly from scenes when Quiet scene change was active. Thanks Brad for pointing it out.

The firmware can be found here: Look for VController_v3_10_0.hex

The updated versions of VC-edit can be found here:
Mac: VC-edit 3_10.dmg
Windows: VC-edit

To install follow the instructions in the manual for firmware updates. make sure you backup all data using your existing VC-edit version before doing the update.


Release of firmware 3.10.2 for the VController and VC-edit:

New features:
* VC-mini: fixed menu operation through the switches (menu_prev and menu_next)
* Added type/mode setting for devices.
* Helix: type/mode can now be set for Helix, HX-stomp and HX-effects, also taking the two numbering schemes into account.
* Katana: the Katana 100 / Katana 50 setting has been moved to Device Settings.
* VC-edit: fixed multiple commands in "on page select" box not selecting properly, making editing hard.
* Fixed bug that under certain conditions hangs the VController, VC-mini or VC-touch.

You can download the new firmware here:

Check out the user manual for instructions on how to update the firmware.


Release of firmware 3.11.0 for the VController.
New in this version:

  • GR-55: added scene mode
  • GR-55: added ctl pedal assigns and removed the regular cc assigns. The CTL and EXP SW function now fully work and also execute associated assigns.
  • Added support for switch_holding for SONG, SETLIST, PAGE, ASSIGN, MIDI_PC for NEXT, PREV and bank up/down.
  • GR55: VController no longer has space for the stored patch names of the LEAD, RHYTHM and OTHER bank. These patches can be selected, but the names are blank. Currently at 98% of FLASH memory.
  • VC-edit: fixed crash when opening parameter command for current device. Fixed some other minor bugs.
  • VC-edit: fixed bug where user commands would be loaded double right after changing VC device in preferences.

Check the manual below for instructions on how to update the firmware.
Make sure you use the right version for your hardware!!!

You can download it here:


Does the V-controllers work with the older Roland products such as Roland Gr 09 and Gr 30.



Quote from: Rolloq on March 20, 2023, 11:48:01 AMDoes the V-controllers work with the older Roland products such as Roland Gr 09 and Gr 30.


They can be controlled in a basic way, like any MIDI controller can, but not the advanced stuff, like reading patches and parameter states.