Guitar Wiring - Peavey T-60

Started by admin, May 10, 2018, 09:44:47 AM

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The most versatile passive wiring was the old 1980 era Peavey T-60 - and rewiring any Les Paul to the T60 wiring yields a very wide palette of new "non Gibson" tones and accomplishes all I wrote above:

a Les Paul type guitar wired as above yields an amazing array of tones

Phase Switch for Peter Green Tones

Rotary Tone Controls 0-9 = Humbucking Mode and Gibson Tones

Rotary Tone Controls on 10 = Single Coil Mode and Fender Tones

While Bridge Rotary Tone Control on 10 = Single Coil Mode and Fender Tones, now the Phase Switch functions as a Bridge PU Coil select switch -
selects which coil of the Bridge Humbucker is active,

When Bridge PU coil closest to Bridge is active  = Telecaster type tones 
When Bridge PU coil furthest away from Bridge is active  = Clapton early 70's Quack Stratocaster Mid+Bridge type tones 

The only flaw with this wiring is the Volume pots are wired to MIX the Neck & Bridge Pickups, but htis shunts each PU output to Ground, which kills tone (Not like Gibson) - instead swap the leads so the pot wiper feeds the PU Select switch, and this opens up the tone 

Treble Bleed with 500k pots