VG-99- Stratocaster with 7 Position Switch

Started by pasha811, January 21, 2018, 09:38:51 AM

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Well, I came across this Mod and I tried to simulate it to see how could have been and I liked it so I have refined a patch.
Channel A is your guitar (in my case a Strat Plus with Gold Lace Sensors and TBX). You need PU selector in the 5 position (Neck) to achieve the desired effect.  Channel B is a Classic Strat COSM with a little high cut. I have matched the rear PU of the COSM to the rear PU of my Strat (in 1989 Bridge PU was controlled by MID PU Tone) then GK up/down serve as COSM PU position - constrained to Rear and Rear and Center. Channel balance is A/B 50% in the middle. So you'll have your guitar to play all your five positions (you could use GK Vol to control the volume of COSM GTR) while by engaging channel B you'll have position 6 (REAR COSM + NAT MAG NECK) and position 7 (REAR+CENTRAL COSM + NAT MAG NECK).
Hope you like it as I do. I have a GK2A FWIW.

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