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Apple Mainstage and DMXIS Lighting Controller
« on: November 26, 2017, 05:58:21 PM »
Let me explain my rig. I am using a Mac OSX laptop with Line6 Helix as the audio interface for Mainstage 3.1.1 with softsynths driven by a Fishman Tripleplay midi guitar controller. This is a rock solid setup which performs without glitches (knock on wood). Even after the 2.30 update. I just introduced DMXIS lighting controller and software to the mix. I am hoping to control our bands lighting. For example, lighting programs will switch via midi when I step on a snapshot.

I set up and used Mac IAC driver and chose the driver within DMXIS software. This configuration caused my Helix to intermittently lock up to the point of needing a restart. So I tried choosing (with DMXIS) both IAC and Helix. This also caused lock ups as well as doubling the tempo bmp reading within DMXIS. I even tried not using IAC and sending banks and preset messages straight from my Helix Command Center to DMXIS (without IAC checked). In all combos I have intermittent lockups of my Helix OR strange bank behavior within DMXIS in which the banks switch properly but then immediately switches to and sticks on bank three.
So, I also tried to set up using DMXIS plugin within Mainstage. The presets do not save appropriately within the Mainstage patches. I also have intermittent freezes in this regard.
I even tried only DMXIS and Helix together (not booting up Mainstage). Helix still has intermittent freezes when connected to DMXIS. It seems as the two started off to a horrible relationship.
I have poured about 15 hours of problem solving time into this over my Thanksgiving Holiday. I'm out of ideas. Anyone that is using DMXIS with Helix or Mainstage or has strong midi knowledge, please help. Thank you!