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ATG-1 Inside View
« on: November 21, 2017, 10:24:19 AM »
aka as "the smugglers special"

Ok all sorted.

You need to remove the three black hex screws from the back and all the silver crosshead screws from the bottom plate and then the bottom plate lists off.

In the pic included there are two hex bolts marked with a red arrow, these are used to adjust the stiffness of the pedal.

I first started to try to get the pin out of the middle of the pedal by untightening the hex bolts and untightening the grub screws but it was pretty stuck. So it looked like the way forward was to remove the side of the unit and the sensor pcb and try to knock the pin out with a punch to grease it.

Instead I took the bodgers approach and masked off the sensor PCB and sprayed some WD-40 White Lithium Grease in the gaps under the hex bolts with the unit at 90 degrees to it would run down into the area around the central pin and wiggled the pedal around a bit before tightening the hex bolts again.

Seems to have sorted it, nice and smooth now.


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Re: ATG-1 Inside View
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Why didn't he just get a bigger pedal board? :)

because quite often the stage you perform on at the local venue has been converted from a DJ booth the night before and is now  far too small for the whole band

"stage footprint size"  matters a lot if you want to work locally

 a few are considering this mod