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Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizers

November 2017: The Musico Resynator / Hexsynator - Long Lost 24-pin Roland Vintage Guitar Synth
Synthesizer Profile: Musico Resynator 1980s Pitch and Envelope Tracking Synthesizer With Roland 24-pin Guitar Synthesizer Input A few years ago I was contacted by Alison Tavel regarding the Resynator, a Pitch and Envelope tracking synthesizer her father Don Tavel had invented in the 1980s.

The Resynator had quite a pedigree from the start, Don Tavel had a Masters degree in Music from the Indiana University Center for Electronic and Computer Music. The difficult engineering design work was done by the legendary Mike Beigel, founder of Musitronics.

Where things get really interesting for the vintage Roland guitar synth player, though, is with the Hexsynator, which looks to be a fully polyphonic six-voice extension of the original unit, complete with a cool vintage Roland 24-pin guitar input!

Read more about this forgotten synth, and support Alison Tavel and her Go Fund Me campaign!


Korg Z3 Patch Editor Adaption for the Korg Z3 Download this Sound Diver Adaption to enable editing the amazong Korg Z3 using Sound Diver. Thanks David!



QuoteQ: Will you be making for products in the future?

Wayne replies: No, I have changed careers and my new work keeps me very busy. Without making guitar synthesizers a full-time committment, I just do not have the time to continue producing any products.