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SY-300 Routing Question
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:02:14 PM »
Hi guys...  I have the SY300 at the beginning of my Headrush (HR) FX loop which has the oprion of sending and returning in 2 channel stereo...  Can I run the stereo left into the single SY300 guitar input and the right into the "Return" input to effect one side of the stereo inage...or is it better to let the SY300 split just a single mono input???  My other question is would the SY300 bypass and let through two channel stereo in the scenario of running left through the guitar input and right through the return???

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Re: SY-300 Routing Question
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The SY will not necessarily give you a stereo image unless your FX are set to operate that way. That is, left to its defaults it will sum the inputs into a mono output.
So, you would need to choose your routing and FX to process and create the stereo outputs individually.

I routinely send different inputs into the Input and Return jacks, but I allow the SY to create the stereo outs from reverbs etc.

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Re: SY-300 Routing Question
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 Each of the three oscillators can be panned Center, left or right.

And each of the three oscillators can be set for input which means whatever source,(guitar,bass or another synth etc)  that is plugged into the input jack will be sent through the filters and amp panning and on to the effects routing.
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Re: SY-300 Routing Question
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