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Bi-directional MIDI over WiFi/BT
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:12:05 AM »
I posted a couple of times regarding an issue with the PUC+ and bi-directional wireless/BT MIDI in this thread last year.

I gave up on that device based on Elantric/Admsustainiac's informed responses (referencing Quicco M.1 and PUC experiences) and sold the PUC+ and stuck with cabled solutions.

But I picked up a similar Yamaha BT MIDI LE transmitter/receiver device on a whim yesterday (MD-BT01) and went back to trying to get an FAMC LF+ foot controller to talk to an Axe-FX II/MacBook setup with some (but not complete) success. When I hit a problem I searched this forum only to find my own posts! I'd forgotten about the issues with the PUC+ that I'd had all that time ago. Losing my memory! Anyway, the problem is the same -- Realtime Sysex commands with the LF+/Axe-FX don't work!

Patch changes, Expression Pedals, Scenes and most Instant Access switches are working. But the following are not working:
- Flashing Status Light / BPM Tap Tempo indicator (LF+) gone;
- Tap Tempo Switch doesn't work at all remotely (LF+);
- Looper Functions don't work properly (Don't Sync i.e. if I hit record a 2nd time it usually triggers playback but this has stopped working);
- Tuner doesn't display (on LF+) when activated from the FX processor's front panel.

Noting that there may be no such thing as true bi-directional WiFi/BT MIDI in iOS (OSX too?), well, why not? Is it difficult/impossible to implement?

I've routed everything using MIDI utilities and I've tweaked things in Ableton Live to try to get this to work but no cigar.

Any ideas from the brains trust?