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newbie in uk
« on: September 13, 2017, 05:49:30 AM »
hello and thank you for this site. I've been meaning to dive into the midi guitar world for years but have now just got a gr55 ( wife bought it for my 59th birthday after a few not so subtle hints :) ). After tape mounting the gk pickup on a bitza 5 pickup strat I don't use much last night I then disappeared into a world of presets for 3 hours. Amazing stuff and thanks to a trawl through this site I've got a little peek into what can be achieved. I've been running a variax 300 through a pod500hd for a few years but have an fcb1010 midi board gathering dust( used to run a behringer pro rack which I still have) and I wondered if anyone uses the fcb1010 , variax, pod500 combination with the gr55. I was thinking that the fcb1010 could be used to control the gr55 and the pod500/variax. does anyone have such a rig working?