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another gk3 conversion to internal
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:06:52 AM »
Really, this is just a bit of additional info on my conversion which I think I posted somewhere here..
Only of interest to those prepared to hack or have someone hack for them.
I use a fat 25 core cable to my Stratocaster.
The guts of the guitar are EMG, gk3 converted to internal, two low cost and low noise preamps, pandora mini, and a nano big muff circuit.

Straight EMG output, with or without the fuzz and with or without the pandora (in both cases true bypass) has its own separate signal path bypassing the GR55.

Another path takes this independently into the GR55.

The synth/guitar mix of the GK is permanently set to mix, there is no switch on the guitar for this. This may sound contradictory, I do have a switch for this purpose but it is not connected to the GK controller circuit, it either mutes the volume of the GR55, or mutes the volume of the pandora or mutes neither, I actually quite like some (very few) of the Pandora sounds - having the four presets to hand on the guitar is really handy.
There are four tactile switches in the scratch plate which duplicate the four foot switches of the GR.
The remaining controls of the GK are present in the scratch plate, volume knob and a single pole double pole centre (off) toggle instead of S1 and S2.
There is also a 1/4 jack for the EMG output only.

The result is that I can blend a pandora modelled sound with a GR55 modelled PUP sound AND a GK3 modelled sound plus the two pcms. Good fun.

When the guitar is connected thru this fat lead, it gets power for everything from the rest of the system. When being played on headphones or thru the 1/4 jack it is powered by internal batteries.

My only regret is that I have not provided a data connection for the pandora mini, could have had midi control over that otherwise.
Some pics here-
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