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Katana - Katana 2 x12" open / closed back speaker cab
« on: August 29, 2017, 01:02:53 PM »
Would have mentioned this before - but I was under an NDA

. . but since BenoA let the "kat cab" out of the bag . .


For those of you not members of the Facebook Group, below are 2 pics of a prototype Boss Katana 2x12 cab for the Katana series.

Weight: around 50 pounds (22,7 kg)

Dimensions: H L W 20 in x 26 in x 12 in (500 mm x 670 mm x 300 mm)

Speakers: are same as the one in the Katana 100 2x12, MSRP is planned to be around 400 $us.

Removable back plate (8 screws), transforms into an open back cab.

Release date: Boss is hoping for Fall 2017

It sounds great! Doesn't make my Katana Head sound too "trebley" and adds some darknest.

Loving it so far, just not enough spare time lately...

I really like the look of the Katana 2x12 cab when it's set up at the vertical (makes an awesome Mini Stack). I even asked Boss if they could add some rubber feet and moving the logo in the middle with a pivot so you could flip the logo depending on the position you set your cab. They told me it was a great idea and would look into it.

Video overview to come very soon and play through to follow... Stay tuned!

A follow up to my post above. Here is a quick video overview of the 2x12 cabinet and very quick jingle done with the cab, all done on the crunch channel. I'll have more to come as soon as I get the time. Cheers!

I also have prototype Katana 2x12 cab - its everything BenoA says - I love it!

the removable back provides options - but I love the closed back myself.

As Jeff Beck used to say: "it rattles the cuffs on your trousers"

and I agree - they should install 4 more rubber feet on the side - so folks can use the Katana 2x12 cab as a vertical 2x12" cab - for a smaller stage footprint, and move more air closer to your ears on stage
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