Author Topic: Mustang GT - improve the Fender Mustang GT 200 Amp /CAB modeling sounds  (Read 253 times)

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How to tame  / improve the Fender Mustang GT 200 Amp   /CAB modeling sounds

Step 1  - Disable the internal Mustang GT 200 Cab Modeling

Step 2  - Insert the Digitech Cabdry VR in the Mustang GT 200 stereo FX loop and set the CabDryVR controls to taste
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9fingers said: ↑
The hubbub around the GT amps has kind of died down. Anyone know if they have a decent functioning PC editor available for them yet? (GT 100 in particular).

Dazco / OCZad wrote>

Hasn't died down for me, i just don't want to waste any more time and effort countering all the negative BS. So i won't post but to answer serious questions or post settings or clips if i ever get around to that. As to an editor, the rep i was dealing with for a few weeks told me they are looking at doing that. Not sure if it will be a separate app from the tone app or the tone app made to work on PC. But whatever it will be he suggested it will probably allow preset saving/backups. They also told another member at the fender forum that they are hoping to release the next firmware update by tomorrow of early next week. The new save functions (to be able to save the same way as the old mustang) is supposed to be in it and other things that weren't mentioned but i have my fingers crossed for a few things. I think it'll be big because it took 5 weeks vs 10 days between the last 2 updates. So i have high hopes for a couple things i want to see.

I hope you see enough things change for you to jump on it as you suggested because i'll tell you this....once that speaker breaks in which is ULTRA important for tube amp feel, and once you learn it well to where you can get the best from a model quickly, you're gonna see that what I've said is's a lot better then the old mustang. It's crazy better, but it just isn't apparent till you get past those 2 things and also IMO set the sag to minimum (or dynamics get squashed) and use the 412GB cab. You may like some other cabs but that one really allows you to hear what each model can do w/o it being stifled by any of the other cabs which really add thier own coloring, mostly to huge degrees and don't let the model's inherent character to come thru or covers it up.