Jammy-G/Jammy-EVO/Jammy MIDI FRAME - MIDI Guitar Controller

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Quote from: Snow Black on April 24, 2021, 09:48:57 AM
Jammy G has a quoted latency of 10-12ms. Jammy E has improved sensors and quotes 8-10ms latency.

That's (just) below the threshold where most player start having problems ... around 14ms or so. YMMV.

Be careful if you add any other devices with latency to the mix as they add up.


Dear Customers,
We regret to inform you about a significant financial issue that our company is currently facing, which directly impacts our ability to fulfill prepaid orders and maintain our products.
Over the last year and a half, the Company has been struggling to restore normal operations which have been disrupted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, directly and dramatically impacting the work and life of every single employee and contractor we worked with. With some external help and resources, we managed to finalize the production run of Jammy E but couldn't succeed in bringing the firmware quality to the expected levels, which was evident from rightful critique from some of the early backers whom we've managed to ship the product to.
The time to address this situation was long due and we apologize for keeping things in the dark while trying to find any alternative routes. Regrettably, we are in the process of filing for bankruptcy. This decision was not made lightly but we simply exhausted all of the options there are.
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