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Started by admin, May 01, 2017, 02:28:24 PM

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i'm thinking about a lt25 just for my room , lt40 is loud

may i know if they (the lt25) share the same firmware ?
or is there a list of update firmware for the lt25 and lt50?




The COMPLETE resurrection of a non functioning Mustang GT/GTX

1 ) Verify you can Sign In with your Fender Tone ID with a Win/Mac PC
(write your name and password down on paper )

2 ) Perform a RECOVERY Operation ( see RED ARROWS above) , power off - hold down the Upper left button and the (xFX) button, then power on (be patient as it takes 4 minutes)

3 ) Connect to Wi-Fi - on Mustang GT/GTX Amp, Enter your local Wifi log on credentials ( must employ shorter than 15 digits, no 5GHz ) and allow the amp to connect to Wifi.

3 ) Perform a WIFI UPDATE/RESTORE ALL Operation - power off - hold down the Upper left button and press down on the the Encoder KNOB , then power on

4 ) Bluetooth - on the Mustang , enable the Bluetooth

5 ) Install Fender TONE app (Android/ IOS) ( if already installed , uninstall old version and reinstall)

6 ) DO NOT ENABLE BLUETOOTH on Android or IOS device - do not Pair the Mustang GT/GTX with your phone

7 ) Launch Fender TONE app, enter your FENDER TONE ID ( from step 1) , and allow the Fender Tone app to find your Mustang GT/GTX

- let the Fender Tone App do the following :
* tell you to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone
* let Fender Tone app make the Bluetooth connection to the Mustang GT/GTX

Its the nature of MIDI over Bluetooth - or "BLE MIDI" ( Bluetooth low Energy MIDI " - its NOT a Bluetooth Audio connection and the Fender Tone app has its own backdoor method to make the MIDI BLE connection to Mustang GT/GTX.

Bulk of connection failures / complaints are from folks who assume they must manually pair Mustang GT/GTX to their phone / tablet via Bluetooth before launching the Fender Tone App


Thin Sound on Headphones?
Avoid using Headphones with a Mic and a TRRS iPhone type cable - use a TRS STEREO cable and headphones with no Mic


Trick for instant smartphone stand when running Fender Tone app

Mustang GT100/GT200 owners-Rotate the Handle 180 degrees

Now the flip up handle doubles as a small tablet /smartphone  holder for swift edits at gigs


Fender Tone (Android) 3.1.8
Whats New:
• WiFi issue fixed.
• Amp registration issue fixed.
• Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.

Quote The Group's
professional audio contract manufacturing business
and Celestion branded professional speaker driver
business were significantly set back by the ban on live
performances during the lockdown periods in most key
markets. The contract manufacturing business reported
a year-on-year 40.3% decline in revenue and Celestion
reported a 26.6% year-on-year sales drop, despite
enjoying strong growth in guitar speaker drivers sold
through web-based customers.


Mustang GT Firmware  3.0.49 (Nov 15th, 2021


Mustang GTX  Firmware 3.0.96 (Nov 15th, 2021)


Increased sensitivity of the Master Volume control
Fixed issue with Tuner being improperly engaged with the GTX-7 footswitch
Expression pedal and footswitch reliability



QuoteFrankHarv said:
I know Fender wanted the "Low Energy Bluetooth" for battery life on the mobile device, but they somehow stepped into a world where compatibility is biting them (and us) in the butt. They should have just gone with standard usual pairing Bluetooth, which is universal and workable.

If Fender is listening on this thread, I also wish there was a PC interface capability for storing your presets locally, having your backups local etc.

Actually Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is the core protocol of MANY M.I. products _

(Why?) because BLE is built into the Bluetooth 4.2 spec (or latest Bluetooth 5.0 compliant hardware ) and the radio modules that support BLE  already exist in most IOS and Android devices - no separate USB wireless dongle at smartphone side required  - the BLE protocol hardware infrastructure already exists inside most smartphones / tablets today. 

Many BLE remote wireless control  / editing / patch ,management apps for IOS/Android exist today: Marshall Code Amps, Boss Waza AIR, Boss GT-1000, Boss Cube Street II, Boss Katana AIR, Zoom G11, NUX Mighty Air, NUX Mighty Plug

QuoteBluetooth® Low Energy (LE)

The Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio is designed for very low power operation. Transmitting data over 40 channels in the 2.4GHz unlicensed ISM frequency band, the Bluetooth LE radio provides developers a tremendous amount of flexibility to build products that meet the unique connectivity requirements of their market. Bluetooth LE supports multiple communication topologies, expanding from point-to-point to broadcast and, most recently, mesh, enabling Bluetooth technology to support the creation of reliable, large-scale device networks. While initially known for its device communications capabilities, Bluetooth LE is now also widely used as a device positioning technology to address the increasing demand for high accuracy indoor location services. Initially supporting simple presence and proximity capabilities, Bluetooth LE now supports Bluetooth® Direction Finding and soon, high-accuracy distance measurement.

Perhaps a future Mustang GT/GTX firmware could add :

"Find My Amp?" utility when amp grows legs and disappears from your shared rehearsal studio .

or if your amp gets Stolen

a "Disable My Stolen Amp?" utility


Bulk of this Advanced EXP-1 Expression Pedal Manual applies to GT/GTX as well, just review all functions and their descriptions ( not found in any GT/GTX doc)



Fender Tone Android Dec 2022
Welcome to Fender Tone® Version 3.2.4!

*Please update your amp to the latest v3.0 firmware.* Learn how at fender.com/gt

Whats New:
• Usability and performance improvements.
• Setlist order minor fix.

Thanks for using Fender Tone®!


Hi - new user here - signed up to ask a Mustang question - sorry I don't have a synth guitar!

So Mr Admin.. do you recall how you got your GT40 amp section out of the cabinet?
I undid the screws each side and removed the handle but it's stuck solid, it shows no hint of moving. I tried some gentle levering but I don't want to break anything.
My reason to get inside is I'm hoping to add some sort of line out.


Remove all screws on rear and sides and totally remove the top resessed handle -amp chassis fell out of cabinet from the rear

Front grill cloth snaps off to access speakers



Tried again today and realised it was glued - whether intentional or glue over-spill who knows, so with the help of a box cutter and some leverage around the bits of handle I could get at, it came free.
There's an unused 18 pin computer style socket in place for the send/return and line out PCB on the bigger amps.
Oh for a schematic!


They do glue the top recessed handle to cabinet ' to prevent rattles

top recessed handle MUST be removed completely,  before chassis can be removed from cabinet

Pay attention to Bluetooth receiver antenna and ribbon cables glued to bottom of handle


The handle itself was not glued. The fibre washers between the electrics chassis and cabinet, where the handle locates, had the glue.