NUX - Cerberus Multi-FX with IR Cab Loader / MIDI

Started by admin, January 25, 2017, 06:57:31 AM

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^^ Not my pedal board

But I have been exploring a new setup, and the AMP1 + NUX Cerberus is an excellent combo for me
So far I'm digging the NUX Cerberus for its point & shoot, ease of use and excellent sound with its analog distortions and great plate reverb and analog type delay

running an unusual 4 cable method at home on headphones

Guitar > Cerberus Overdrive Input > Cerberus Overdrive Output > AMP1 Guitar IN > AMP1 Record Out > Cerberus Mod/DLY Input > Cerberus Headphone out > ATH-M50x  headphones

very analog , and lots of dynamic range  - great sound

attempted similar with Line-6 HX Effects, but for some reason the 4 cable method would not work with AMP1 ,

Apparently the HX Effects is a bit complex, and its S/R loop apparently must be assigned "on" in some buried menu on HX Effects - because simply connecting it properly for a 4 cable method with AMP1 did not work.

I connected like this:

Guitar > HX Effects Guitar Input > HX Effects FX Loop 1 Send > AMP1 Guitar IN > AMP1 FX Loop Send > HX Effects FX Loop 1 Return> HX Effects Main Out > AMP1 FX Loop Return

^^ this simply resulted in my guitar signal staying in the HX Effects and bypassing the AMP1 preamp ( change AMP1 preamp type - had no change in sound )
ANd the HX Effects is NOT true bypass - it muffles the guitar sound when in Bypass mode - due to the relatively low input impedance on HX Effects.

by contrast the Nux Cerberus has true bypass, and stellar sound when on or off


QuoteApparently the HX Effects is a bit complex, and its S/R loop apparently must be assigned "on" in some buried menu on HX Effects - because simply connecting it properly for a 4 cable method with AMP1 did not work.

AFAIK you have to put a send/return block in the HXFX in the slot where you want the signal to go back to the BluGuitar. At least that is how it works on the Helix in 4cm.


Quote from: sixeight on March 29, 2018, 12:15:45 PM
AFAIK you have to put a send/return block in the HXFX in the slot where you want the signal to go back to the BluGuitar. At least that is how it works on the Helix in 4cm.

Yeah - its just a bit more effort and more navigation - and assigning SR Loops and Global True bypass on / off" was not intuitive , and my  guitar sound getting muffled when HX Effects is bypassed ( regardless of the HX Global Mode) was a bit annoying. Apparently HX Effects still  needs yet another external buffer to feed it ( or an active  guitar with EMG / Fluence pickups)       


Everyone still liking the Cerberus? Does anyone know how many IRs you can load in it's memory?


Its an effective tool
Well, the wait is over: the Updates consists of a Firmware + Editor combo, both of which are needed for everything to work properly. The unit gets updated to v 3.5 beta.

This is the (ugly!) Editor software:

nux cerberus editor

As you can see, you can load multiple IR files up to 512 samples, 44.1khz stereo resolution (pretty good!) and then select which one you prefer. The selection is global and you can't control the IR per single preset.

The new Firmware also comes with a fully editable MIDI map for the unit.

The Editor lets you import and export the presets, and here are something I made so you can check them out if you have a Nux Cerberus

Click here to Download Presets

Last but not least, here is a free IR file of a 4×12 cabinet that I especially adjusted for the Cerberus!

Download the FREE IR Cabinet File!

In case you can't find it, here's the link to the Firmware download page for Win and Mac.



GuitarDave wrote>

Snapped a quick pic as I was setting up. Playing a late afternoon gig on a lawn at a vineyard is exactly the type of gig that I don't want to use the Helix for. My little tweed Deluxe was setup behind me and sounded great in that environment - not quite as much clean headroom as I like but I have a blackface style amp I'll use instead. Lower volumes and for at home use it's perfect.

Another great plug for the Cerberus is it really sounds great running it direct without any amp modeler involved. I tested it earlier this week using the LRS V30 v1 IR and Powercab speaker modeling. It sounds good enough as a backup that I took the Firebox off the board. Less gear, less complexity is a wonderful thing! White box is the Sanyo Eneloop battery power - played the whole gig with it and it's still in the "green" battery state. I can probably make it thru 3 or 4 gigs on one charge if I power it down during breaks/etc. I like having the expression pedal (volume control) able to be placed where it's convenient.


Can anyone shed some light on the MIDI functionality of the Cerberus? The manual is not much help, and I can not seem to find much on-line. There looks to be a MIDI tab in the software, but all it seems to mention is changing the Crtl. pedal to send a Control Change #. I would download and play with the software but it appears that I have to actually have the unit connected via USB to get the software going and mine won't be here until Monday.

So here are the basic questions I have regarding the MIDI implementation of the Cerberus.

1.Will it send PC's to other units( in preset mode)? If so, will it send multiple channels?

2.Can you assign the footswitches A,B,C and D ( while in manual mode) to send CC's? Or just the Ctrl. pedal?

3. Does the Exp pedal input send data to other out-board units?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated !!


 I appreciate that. I have seen these docs though. However, upon another look, I see that yes, it does appear that one can send CC's from the A,B,C and D switches and change them to whatever value you'd like. So, can you change the values of those switches per preset? or are you limited to 5 CC's total? ( the A,B,C,D and Crtrl in manual mode)

Also the MIDI Program mapping doc only refers to the Cerberus receiving PC's, not transmitting. Does anyone know if will transmit PC's? And  what channel? (multiple channels or Omni?) This is not referenced anywhere that I can  find.

I guess I will assume that the Exp. pedal input does not transmit CC values since it looks like it will always default to volume control of the Cerberus only; with no way to turn off.

Any insight from hands-on experience with the Cerberus and it's "Full"? MIDI implementation would be greatly appreciated!


Quotetheferritt said: ↑
Haven't used it live yet.
But, I used it on a desktop recording tonight with an amp sim pedal in between the two Cerberus sections and it performed great.
A couple of things worth mentioning.
I found out that, just like the Boss ME-80, if you leave a dummy 1/4 inch TRS plug in the headphone jack, the cab sim is auto engaged on Output 2 .
SO, it is not necessary to have the "cab" button pressed in, thus nothing on the l.e.d. display, and no noise.
I should say, the noise is always there, but way way way down below the signal level, so you would not hear it while playing, and barely hear it when not, only if you switch something that lights up the l.e.d. display while you are not playing do you faintly hear it, even with higher gain, it shouldn't be an issue.
This is the catch , the unit is very quiet when you plug your guitar straight in, BUT plugging into any pedal first, and then into the Cerberus, causes the l.e.d. display noise /whine when it lights up, and becomes audible enough to be obvious and annoying. I have no idea why. BUT, the mod with the 470uf on the power inlet jack cap is supposed to knock it way way way down again to a level that isn't anything to cry about. I have yet to try this myself, but that is next as I have a pedal I always use in front of everything, and I already got the cap from Fry's. It's smaller in size but same value, so it should fit inside much easier.
The tone controls on the OD and DIST are not your typical tone controls controlling the high end. They are more mid/high mid centered to my ears, and may not jive well with every amp. Using some kind of EQ after the analog section, may be mandatory to get things to balance right with your base clean amp sound.
The effects; Reverb, Chorus, and Delay, are all great. Forget the Phaser, Univibe, Tremolo, as these are all based on pedals that are designed to sound good going into the front of an amp, and not after OD and DIST effects. They do sound good if you turn everything else off and go into the front of an amp, but that's about it.

GuitarDave wrote>
Great suggestion on using the dummy plug. I've had my Cerberus and gigged it quite a bit but I'm running into the front of an amp. I loaded up an IR only for emergency options.

Even with the mod done you can hear the whine kick in when use tap tempo and the display lights up. But it's not like it makes it an issue in any practical sense. If I take my hands of the guitar on certain guitars there's plenty of single coil buzz as well.

Between the boost and two od options and stacking things I've got more than enough options. The tremolo is usable if you engage the boost at the same time. But I'm always running into an amp. The chorus at fast speed/depth makes a decent enough faux univibe/leslie for my tastes...I don't really care if it's authentic - it sounds good.

Every time I reassemble another pedalboard I still end up leaving it at home and just grabbing the Cerberus. It's what I use most of the time for gigs now. It still feels totally solid and the tones are great - with the BoxKing battery power board this is just the easiest thing to use out of everything I own.

So the unit has it's faults but at the price tag and form factor it offers I'm quite pleased with it.

Bottom line is I'd buy it again. And that's after having it for about a year - and I have plenty of great gear to compare it to.


New Cerberus FW 5.1  with Shimmer Reverb , Presets,

Cerberus Software V5.1

With the Cerberus Software V5* you can edit your presets and save, also you can customize the controllers.

What's coming with the firmware version 5 and the software;
- Shimmer effect
- New user interface allows you to control all the parameters quickly
- You can export your presets all at once or any of them by your choice
- Global TAP TEMPO ~ When you activate it, modulation effects will be synchronized with the adjusted TAP TEMPO speed

*Please update the Cerberus firmware version 5.1 to use the new software. Version 3 is not supported.
Important: You cannot import V3.9 preset files to V5.1, please use the parameter sheet and write your important settings. Click HERE to download, you can also find on the support page.

One of the most magical guitar effect Shimmer is now available for Cerberus.

When you update your Cerberus' firmware to V5 ~ you can click the Reverb pedal on the signal chain section and replace with the Shimmer effect. And you can adjust Shimmer effect MIX and SHIMMER parameters on the software or/and Reverb LEVEL and DECAY knobs on Cerberus.

Current Footswitch Customization (CSFP) for Preset Mode Use
You can assign some functions to the preset footswitch (current footswitch or CF);


Editor*   Enter the edit mode
Boost (PVB)   Post Volume Boost. It can be adjusted 0 dB to 6 dB with the software only
Analog Boost   Analog boost, it can be adjusted 0 dB to 20 dB on Cerberus' top panel
TAP TEMPO   Set the delay speed or global TAP TEMPO
Remote   MIDI Remote control

*If you assign the current footswitch as Boost (PVB), Analog Boost, Tap Tempo or Remote you can use the function by a quick single click to the footswitch. And you can enter the edit mode by holding the current footswitch for 2 seconds then release.
Note: When you install the firmware V5, the analog boost can be assigned to current footswitch by ONLY Cerberus Software V5.

Improved External Control
Now you can connect any universal footswitch to EXPRESSION PEDAL input (single or double) and control these functions; Analog Boost, TAP TEMPO, Mod FX (Tremolo, Phaser and U-Vibe only) and Reverb.

You can set the external footswitch controls with the Cerberus Software V5 only.

Renewed Green LED Indicators
With the new firmware upgrade, the green LEDs next to the digit screen shows the effect status.

Improved IR Control on Cerberus Software V5
With the new software, you can adjust the each IR preset volume. And you can save each preset with a different IR file.


NOTE: When you activate the guitar cabinet simulation in manual mode, Cerberus uses the first slot (JZ120) to run the IR file. If you want to use your own IR file in manual mode, please replace with JZ120.

Signal Flow Diagram

Cerberus Update Instruction


Despite my satisfaction with other Nux products, the Cerberus did not work for me...

My plan was to use it in 4CM mainly, with one of my tube amps (whose FX loops are all line level ones) and/or as an IR loader with them: the second output could theoretically be used to send to the board a preamp signal filtered by one of my custom IR's while the output one would send back the preamp signal to the amp, just wet by the FX...


*I've tried it in 4CM. Results:

-the firmware 5.1 has apparently defeated any possibility to plug an expression pedal as a volume control in the Cerberus: now, its "expression" TRS jack plug is set to pull on and off the inner FX's selected thx to the software. It's certainly useful but would have forced me to plug a discrete volume pedal after the output of the Cerberus;

-with the Cerberus that I've tried + my own amps, the output of the drive FX's was not transparent at all: all FX's being disabled, the signal sent to the guitar input of the amp was darker but also louder (of 3dB on fundamental notes). And no, it was not a question of stray capacitance in this case (I've a capacitance meter to "match" the cables that I use for such tests);

-the digital section was not transparent either with my amps: even with the +4dB input level enabled, it really darkened the tone of any loud signal. High frequencies would start to roll off below 2khz for a loss of 12dB @ 10khz (!), before to get worse... Only a "not too loud" signal already compressed by distortion diodes remained intact, EQing wise... but only up to 20khz. It wouldn't reproduce frequencies above this;

-the latency was low but not enough to totally mask the comb filtering effect with any amount of parallel signal (as it's the case with the FX loop of an Hot Rod Deluxe, for instance: this amp has a serial loop forbidding to use the "kill dry" function but there's still a tiny amount of direct sound going through; so, it dislikes AD/DA converters permanently enabled);

-furthermore, an impulse response test would show a squashed dynamics of tube preamps in 4CM with the Cerberus...

-the digital FX's would distort awfully as soon as a strong line level signal would be sent to the unit in 4CM;

-the Cerberus produced some serious aliasing when fed by a sweeping signal.

Compared to my old trusty GT10 (used with a Line Level Shifter in 4CM), the Cerberus...
-offered less effects and was less versatile, of course. Not fond of the phaser and univibe after the drive section, BTW...
-altered the signal more, and distorted faster;
-didn't seem to offer a quicker conversion (despite the presence of an added AD/DA stage + a Line Level Shifter with the GT10 in 4CM);
-didn't sound that better when it comes to modulation, delay and reverb effects. Granted, there was a wee bit more smooth authenticity and authority with the 32 Bit FX's of the Nux... But the 24 Bit FX's of my outdated GT10 still blend "naturally" with the tone of my Marshall tube amp.

A NOTE about IR's in the Cerberus: has it been voiced to tighten the bass range? Or is it just a side effect of the 512 samples resolution? Anyway, it can't really be used as a sonically faithful IR loader receiving the signal from a line out between amp and cab...

As I wanted to love the Cerberus, I gave it two other chances to please me:
*I've tried it in parallel with a GR20 guitar synth (both units feeding an ABY passive box): the synth was much louder so I'll have to keep using other MFX's for that specific configuration.
*I've plugged it as a whole pedalboard in the guitar input of several tube amps without FX loops: that's where it sounded the best... but not better than my other PB's.

So I've returned it. :-/

Honesty wants me to precise that it was a B-stock unit, that said: maybe I've got a lemon?


Quote from: Funkyfoe on January 26, 2019, 08:04:40 PMAlso the MIDI Program mapping doc only refers to the Cerberus receiving PC's, not transmitting. Does anyone know if will transmit PC's? And  what channel? (multiple channels or Omni?) This is not referenced anywhere that I can  find.
Has anybody managed to figure this out? I know that the Cerberus can definitely send PC commands, eg there is a guy using it for switching channels/modes in his Marshall JVM amp (as well as patches for his Cerberus at the same time):

The question is what are the predefined PC values and if it's possible to edit them in some way. I 'd appreciate if anyone can shed some light. Thank you.


Thank you, that's useful. However, the question about editing the PC commands transmitted by the Cerberus remains. I 'd appreciate any input on this. Thanks!


Quote from: grinder on December 23, 2022, 12:39:15 AMThank you, that's useful. However, the question about editing the PC commands transmitted by the Cerberus remains. I 'd appreciate any input on this. Thanks!
So, I got in touch with Nux about this and unfortunately the PC commands send out from the Cerberus cannot be edited  :( Here's their response:

Quote from: NuxWhen you select patch 1A using the Cerberus footswitch, the Cerberus sends a program change (PC) message with a value of 0 to indicate patch 1A. Similarly, selecting patch 1B sends a PC message with a value of 1, and so on.

Check at he end of this post for more info regarding Cerberus's MIDI PC commands.

Hopefully, in my setup not being able to edit the MIDI PC commands send by the Cerberus won't matter.


Hi where can  i dowload Cerberus presets? so a fine pedal end no dowload site thanks Swakken


Hello again. When it comes to the external footswitch which can be connected to the Cerberus, does anyone know if that needs to be momentary or latching? Thanks.


Hi, sorry to reactivate the discussion but I have a small problem with my NUX Cerberus in the MIDI section.
There is a slight latency when I switch between presets on my amp,
can someone help me?

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