GT-1 - Gumtown's GT-1 FX Floorboard

Started by gumtown, May 02, 2017, 02:08:50 PM

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Only if operating systems require an upgraded version or if there are any reported bugs.
At the moment it is 100% complete (afaik).  :)
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


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Gumtown's GT-1 FX Floorboard editor


So not to be facetious but what is the point of this software? Is it simply to have a better GUI editor for the GT-1 or is there some additional functionality beyond the BTS? Thanks!


There are some extra features over Tone Studio,
Loading and converting of patch files from many other Boss GT devices,
Patch settings can be displayed or printed as a text listing,
Copy and paste functions to copy a whole patch, or paste just certain effect sections,
A version that runs on Linux.
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