Author Topic: GT-100- What to change on downloaded patches to get the correct sound?  (Read 415 times)

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Offline shaky2236

Im fairly new to my Boss GT100, i have downloaded a few patches to save time making my own (i still do but its quicker if i want to sound like a certain song).
The pink floyd ones are obviously made for a strat with single coils. I play a LP style guitar with 2 humbuckers so the tone is a little off. As im new to the device and dont want to spend forever fiddling with every setting, what would be the main things to look at changing on the unit to get the desired sound?
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Offline gumtown

You will find that everyone's setup is different, as you found, each guitar produces as different tone, and also the amplification setup too.
Some people might use the GT-100 to headphones only, or to a guitar amp input and disable the T-100 amps, or in four cable method (4CM) with a guitar amp using the S/R loop, or to a powered monitor or P.A. desk input.
Each setup will require a different master EQ and a different "Output Select" setting.
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Offline joakes

Well in some cases, the first thing you'll want to change in the GT 100 software is the FV setting so you can actually HEAR the patch.

Save the patch to an empty patch bay, then open it in BOSS Tone Studio. Make sure the patch is highlighted (CTL/EXP° then go to Foot Volume. Raise the Volume MAX to 100 and the Level

After that you're home and dry.