SOUND Semicondictor - SSM New chips for old synths

Started by chrish, April 21, 2017, 12:58:18 PM

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Found this on another forum.

."New company Sound Semiconductor has  announced its formation and its product for analog synthesizers, a reissue of the classic SSM2044 filter chip for synthesizers, developed by its original designer, Dave Rossum.

Headed by Dan Parks, CEO of 80's chipmaker SSM and former Audio Products Director at Analog Devices and National Semiconductor, Sound Semiconductor plans to focus on high performance IC's for electronic musical instruments and professional audio equipment. The development team includes previous SSM IC designers; all passionate about music and audio.

Sound's first product is the SSI2144 Four Pole Voltage Controlled Filter (PDF), an improved re-issue of the classic SSM2044, thought by some to be the best sounding synthesizer filter chip ever produced. Developed by original SSM2044 designer Dave Rossum – the SSI2144 has been improved with lower noise and control feedthrough, better performance of the resonance control circuit, and pin connections optimized for PCB layout. Preservation of the SSM2044's sonic characteristics – a key project requirement – were achieved.

The SSI2144 is now available in sample quantities to interested OEM's, with production quantities in stock by late Spring. The device is offered in a 16-lead Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP).

Pricing of the SSI2144 is $1.60 at 1000-pieces. Sound Semiconductor intends serve the hobby and enthusiast community through resellers for small volume sales and evaluation boards.

'It's exciting to see the renaissance of analog synthesis,' stated Dan Parks, President of Sound Semiconductor. 'When the idea hit to develop new ICs for this market, it was gratifying to have so much interest from my former colleagues to get involved in this effort.'

More chips reissues are planned, with the second expected this summer. See the company site for more information."